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Rud, Søren - Colonialism in Greenland, ebook

Colonialism in Greenland

Rud, Søren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Søren Rud
2. Ethnography, Time, and the Idealization of Tradition
Søren Rud
3. Invoking Tradition as a Governance Strategy: Danish Colonial Policies in the Late Nineteenth Century
Søren Rud

Choudhury, Deep Kanta Lahiri - Telegraphic Imperialism, ebook

Telegraphic Imperialism

Choudhury, Deep Kanta Lahiri


Making the Twain Meet: The New Imperialism of Telegraphy
Deep Kanta Lahiri Choudhury
6. The Magical Mystery Tour: Cable Telegraphy
Deep Kanta Lahiri Choudhury
7. Forging a New India in a Telegraph World: Expansion and Consolidation within India

Ben-Ghiat, Ruth - Italian Colonialism, ebook

Italian Colonialism

Ben-Ghiat, Ruth


The Ideology of Colonialism: Educational Policy and Praxis in Eritrea
Tekeste Negash
11. Mussolini, Libya, and the Sword of Islam
John L. Wright
12. Preservation and Self-Absorption: Italian Colonization and the Walled City of Tripoli, Libya

Miescher, Stephan F. - Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges, ebook

Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges

Miescher, Stephan F.


Gender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges presents a collection of original readings that address gendered dimensions of empire from a wide range of geographical and temporal settings.
Draws on original research on gender and empire in relation to labour, commodities, fashion, politics,

Anderson, Mark - Japan and the Specter of Imperialism, ebook

Japan and the Specter of Imperialism

Anderson, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction The Ansei Treaties and the Specter of Imperialism
Mark Anderson
2. John Luther Long’s Madame Butterfly and Imperial Domesticity
Mark Anderson
3. The Science of Making Men
Mark Anderson

Dilley, Andrew - Finance, Politics, and Imperialism, ebook

Finance, Politics, and Imperialism

Dilley, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Dilley
Part I. The Economics and Business of Capital Export
2. Capital Imports and Economic Development in Two Settler Societies
Andrew Dilley
3. Australian and Canadian Borrowing in the Edwardian…

Hixson, Walter L. - American Settler Colonialism, ebook

American Settler Colonialism

Hixson, Walter L.


Introduction: Settler Colonialism, History, and Theory
Walter L. Hixson
2. “People from the Unknown World”: The Colonial Encounter and the Acceleration of Violence
Walter L. Hixson
3. “No Savage Shall Inherit the Land”: Settler Colonialism

Fitzpatrick, Matthew P. - Liberal Imperialism in Europe, ebook

Liberal Imperialism in Europe

Fitzpatrick, Matthew P.


Between Völkisch and Universal Visions of Empire: Liberal Imperialism in Mitteleuropa, 1890–1918
Eric Kurlander
8. An Empire of Scientific Experts: Polish Physicians and the Medicalization of the German Borderlands, 1880–1914
Lenny A. Ureña Valerio