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Oudkerk, Matthijs - Coronary Radiology, ebook

Coronary Radiology

Oudkerk, Matthijs


Table of contents
1. Coronary Anatomy
Gonda J. Jonge, Peter M. A. Ooijen, Jean-Louis Sablayrolles, Guido Ligabue, Felix Zijlstra
2. Invasive Coronary Imaging
Michael R. Rees, Felix Zijlstra, Johan H. C. Reiber, Joan C. Tuinenburg, Gerhard…

Singh, Ajay - Emergency Radiology, ebook

Emergency Radiology

Singh, Ajay


Acute Nontraumatic Imaging in the Liver and Spleen
Dale E. Hansen, Sridhar Shankar, Ajay Singh
11. Imaging of Acute Pancreas
Caterina Missiroli, Ajay Singh
12. Imaging of Acute Obstetric Disorders
Ajay Singh
13. Imaging of Acute Gynecologic

Folio, Les - Combat Radiology, ebook

Combat Radiology

Folio, Les


Introduction to Imaging of Penetrating/Perforating Blast and Ballistic Injuries
Les R. Folio
5. Significant Medical Advances on the Battlefield and the Changing Roles of Imaging
Les R. Folio
6. Imaging Thresholds of Salvageability of Life, Limb, and

Lee, Kyung Soo - Radiology Illustrated: Chest Radiology, ebook

Radiology Illustrated: Chest Radiology

Lee, Kyung Soo


Table of contents
Part I. Focal Lung Diseases
1. Nodule
Kyung Soo Lee, Joungho Han, Man Pyo Chung, Yeon Joo Jeong
2. Mass
Kyung Soo Lee, Joungho Han, Man Pyo Chung, Yeon Joo Jeong
3. Consolidation
Kyung Soo Lee, Joungho Han,…

Hibbert, Kathryn M. - Radiology Education, ebook

Radiology Education

Hibbert, Kathryn M.


Measuring Competence of Radiology Education Programs and Residents: The Egyptian Experience
Sahar N. Saleem, Youssriah Y. Sabri
12. Assessing Residents in a Nuclear Medicine Physician Training Program: The Philippine Experience
Thomas N. B. Pascual, Jerry

Marincek, Borut - Emergency Radiology, ebook

Emergency Radiology

Marincek, Borut


Emergency Radiology: Role of Imaging
1. Role of Imaging in the Management of Trauma Victims
P. -A. Poletti, A. Platon, C. D. Becker
2. Role of 3D Imaging in the Emergency Room

Li, Hongjun - Radiology of Influenza, ebook

Radiology of Influenza

Li, Hongjun


Table of contents
Part I. Basic Theory About Influenza
1. Overview of Influenza
Jian Wang
2. Etiology of Influenza
Jian Wang
3. Epidemiology of Influenza
Jian Wang
4. Pathogenesis of Influenza
Jian Wang
5. Diseases…

Baker, Stephen R. - Notes of a Radiology Watcher, ebook

Notes of a Radiology Watcher

Baker, Stephen R.


Radiology Elsewhere in the World
17. O.E.C.D. Health Data: Where Does the U.S. Stack Up?
Stephen R. Baker
18. Characteristics of Radiology Training Programs in Europe in Comparison with Those in The United States