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Ibsen, Henrik - A Doll's House, ebook

A Doll's House

Ibsen, Henrik


Henrik Ibsen's 'A Doll's House' is often seen as the first true feminist play. At the time it was first published it was very controversial due to its portrayal of marriage. A historically important work, this play is the first English translation of…

Templeton, Joan - Shaw’s Ibsen, ebook

Shaw’s Ibsen

Templeton, Joan


Table of contents
1. The Road to the Quintessence
Joan Templeton
2. The Quintessence of Ibsenism, 1891
Joan Templeton
3. The Ibsenite in the Theatre, 1892-1898
Joan Templeton
4. The Quintessence of Ibsenism: Now Completed to the Death of Ibsen, 1913
Joan Templeton

Malone, Irina Ruppo - Ibsen and the Irish Revival, ebook

Ibsen and the Irish Revival

Malone, Irina Ruppo


Dublin’s First Introduction to Ibsen: The Realist Plays
Irina Ruppo Malone
3. Ibsen and the Early Abbey Tradition
Irina Ruppo Malone
4. Irish Nationalism and the Ideology of Ibsen’s Plays
Irina Ruppo Malone
5. Beyond Realism: the Reception

Worthen, W. B. - Drama: Between Poetry and Performance, ebook

Drama: Between Poetry and Performance

Worthen, W. B.


Draws on examples from major playwrights including Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett, and Parks Explores the critical terms and controversies that animate the performance and study of drama, such as the status of language, the function of character and plot, and uses

Krasner, David - A History of Modern Drama, ebook

A History of Modern Drama

Krasner, David


Covering the period 1879 to 1959, and taking in everything from Ibsen to Beckett, this book is volume one of a two-part comprehensive examination of the plays, dramatists, and movements that comprise modern world drama.Contains detailed analysis of plays and playwrights, connecting themes

Bollen, Jonathan - A Global Doll's House, ebook

A Global Doll's House

Bollen, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen, Frode Helland, Joanne Tompkins
Part 1. Cultural Transmission
2. Mapping the Early Noras
Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen, Frode Helland, Joanne Tompkins
3. ‘Peddling’ Et dukkehjem: The Role of the State
Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen,

Bennett, Michael Y. - Oscar Wilde’s Society Plays, ebook

Oscar Wilde’s Society Plays

Bennett, Michael Y.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Importance of Laughing in Earnest
Michael Y. Bennett
Part I. Contexts
2. Wit in Earnest: Wilde’s Irish Word-Play
Jerusha McCormack
3. The Tragicomedies of Oscar Wilde: A Wilde Response to Melodrama
Michael Y. Bennett
4. Oscar Wilde’s Unfinished Society

Teixeira, António - Optical Transmission, ebook

Optical Transmission

Teixeira, António


Experiments on Long-Haul High-Capacity Transmission Systems
Gabriella Bosco, Francesco Matera, Karin Ennser, Morten Ibsen, Lucia Marazzi, Francesca Parmigiani, Periklis Petropoulos, Pierluigi Poggiolini, Marco Tabacchiera, Marcelo Zannin
5. Economics of Next-Generation