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Hausman, Kalani Kirk - IT Architecture For Dummies, ebook

IT Architecture For Dummies

Hausman, Kalani Kirk


A solid introduction to the practices, plans, and skills required for developing a smart system architecture
Information architecture combines IT skills with business skills in order to align the IT structure of an organization with the mission, goals, and objectives of its business.

Burry, Mark - Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming, ebook

Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming

Burry, Mark


This book:Investigates the application of scripting for productivity, experimentation and design speculation.Offers detailed exploration of the scripting of Gaudí's final realised design for the Sagrada Família, leading to file-to-factory digital fabrication.Features

Chella, Antonio - Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2012, ebook

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2012

Chella, Antonio


A New Humanoid Architecture for Social Interaction between Human and a Robot Expressing Human-Like Emotions Using an Android Mobile Device as Interface
Antonio Chella, Rosario Sorbello, Giovanni Pilato, Giorgio Vassallo, Marcello Giardina
22. The Concepts of

Bell, Michael - SOA Modeling Patterns for Service Oriented Discovery and Analysis, ebook

SOA Modeling Patterns for Service Oriented Discovery and Analysis

Bell, Michael


Explores how to discover services Explains how to analyze services for construction and production How to assess service feasibility for deployment How to employ the SOA modeling language during the service identification and examination process How to utilize the SOA modeling patterns and anti-patterns

Catrinescu, Vlad - Deploying SharePoint 2016, ebook

Deploying SharePoint 2016

Catrinescu, Vlad


Configuring Productivity Service Applications
Vlad Catrinescu, Trevor Seward
9. Configuring Office Online Server for SharePoint
Vlad Catrinescu, Trevor Seward
10. Workflow Manager
Vlad Catrinescu, Trevor Seward
11. SharePoint and Exchange Integration

Vanderbauwhede, Wim - High-Performance Computing Using FPGAs, ebook

High-Performance Computing Using FPGAs

Vanderbauwhede, Wim


High Performance Implementation of RTM Seismic Modeling on FPGAs: Architecture, Arithmetic and Power Issues
Victor Medeiros, Abner Barros, Abel Silva-Filho, Manoel E. Lima
11. High-Performance Cryptanalysis on RIVYERA and COPACOBANA Computing Systems

Wilde, Pieter de - Building Performance Analysis, ebook

Building Performance Analysis

Wilde, Pieter de


Explores and brings together the existent body of knowledge on building performance analysis
Building performance is an important yet surprisingly complex concept. This book presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the subject. It provides…