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Ueno, Naoto T. - Inflammatory Breast Cancer: An Update, ebook

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: An Update

Ueno, Naoto T.


Pathology: Histomorphometrical Features of IBC – Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis, and Tumor Emboli
Sanford H. Barsky, Fredika M. Robertson
6. Imaging for the Diagnosis and Staging of IBC
Wei Tse Yang
7. Surgical Therapy for Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Green, Melvyn - Building Codes for Existing and Historic Buildings, ebook

Building Codes for Existing and Historic Buildings

Green, Melvyn


Learn to apply the International Building Code and International Existing Building Code to historic buildings
Written for architects, engineers, preservation, and code enforcement professionals, this is the only comprehensive book that examines how the International Building Code (IBC)

Linville, Jeff D. - Timber Construction Manual, ebook

Timber Construction Manual

Linville, Jeff D.


Based on the most reliable technical data available, this edition has been thoroughly revised to encompass: A thorough update of all recommended design criteria for timber structural members, systems, and connections An expanded collection of real-world design examples supported with detailed schematic