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Lior, Noam - Advances in Water Desalination, ebook

Advances in Water Desalination

Lior, Noam

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Desalination is a dynamically growing field with more research, more engineering, more applications, more countries, more people, and with more training programs. This book provides high quality invited reviews on progress in various aspects of the desalination field. It features comprehensive

Gujer, Willi - Systems Analysis for Water Technology, ebook

Systems Analysis for Water Technology

Gujer, Willi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Modeling and Simulation
3. System Boundaries and Material Balances
4. Transport Processes
5. Transformation Processes
6. Ideal Reactors
7. Hydraulic Residence Time Distribution
8. Modeling of Real Reactors
9. Heterogeneous Systems
10. Dynamic Behavior of Reactors

Lyatkher, Victor M. - Hydraulic Modeling, ebook

Hydraulic Modeling

Lyatkher, Victor M.


Water.  Except for air, it is the most important ingredient to all life on Earth.  It surrounds us every day.  We are literally bathed in it, we cook our food with it, and we need a steady stream of it in our bodies every single day just to survive.  But water,

Rowinski, Pawel - Experimental Methods in Hydraulic Research, ebook

Experimental Methods in Hydraulic Research

Rowinski, Pawel


Integrated Experimental and Computational Hydraulic Science in a Unique Natural Laboratory
J. R. Manson, B. O. L. Demars, S. G. Wallis
7. Using Experimental Research for an Analysis of Sorption Term in Groundwater Contaminant Transport Equation

Möller, Gerd - Geotechnik: Bodenmechanik, ebook

Geotechnik: Bodenmechanik

Möller, Gerd


Das Buch vermittelt alle wichtigen Aspekte über den Aufbau und die Eigenschaften des Bodens, die bei der Planung und Berechnung sowie bei der Begutachtung von Schäden des Systems Bauwerk-Baugrund zu berücksichtigen sind. Schwerpunkte sind die Baugrunderkundung,…