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Hale, Tudor - Exercise Physiology: A Thematic Approach, ebook

Exercise Physiology: A Thematic Approach

Hale, Tudor


Exercise Physiology: A Thematic Approach introduces students with little or no background in human biology to the fundamentals of the physiological processes involved in sports performance. Its central theme is the physiological explanation of maximal

Linden, Roger W. A. - Physiology at a Glance, ebook

Physiology at a Glance

Linden, Roger W. A.


Extensively revised and updated, this fourth edition of Physiology at a Glance continues to provide a thorough introduction to human physiology, covering a wealth of topics in a comprehensive yet succinct manner.

Cliff, William - The Core Concepts of Physiology, ebook

The Core Concepts of Physiology

Cliff, William


Organizing an Introductory Physiology Course Based on Core Concepts
Joel Michael, William Cliff, Jenny McFarland, Harold Modell, Ann Wright
9. Teaching Physiology Using the New Paradigm: Three Examples
Joel Michael,

Lote, Christopher J. - Principles of Renal Physiology, ebook

Principles of Renal Physiology

Lote, Christopher J.


Table of contents
1. The Body Fluids
Christopher J. Lote
2. Essential Anatomy of the Kidney
Christopher J. Lote
3. Glomerular Filtration
Christopher J. Lote
4. Tubular Transport
Christopher J. Lote
5. The Proximal Tubule

Longo, Lawrence D. - The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology, ebook

The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology

Longo, Lawrence D.


Oxford and the Development of Physiology, with Notes on the Nuffield Institute for Medical Research
Lawrence D. Longo
4. Geoffrey S. Dawes: A Life in Science
Lawrence D. Longo
5. Fetal Asphyxia and the Primate Colony in Puerto Rico
Lawrence D.

Bassett, Steven - CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology, ebook

CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology

Bassett, Steven


CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology is for students who want to reinforce their knowledge with a learn-by-doing approach. Inside, you’ll get the practice you need to bone up on body systems and more with problem-solving tools such as Straightforward, concise

Hong, Myeong-Ki - Coronary Imaging and Physiology, ebook

Coronary Imaging and Physiology

Hong, Myeong-Ki


Concept of Invasive Coronary Physiology: Focus on FFR
Bon-Kwon Koo, Joo Myung Lee
21. Setup for Fractional Flow Reserve and Hyperemia
Ho-Jun Jang, Sung Gyun Ahn
22. Validation of Fractional Flow Reserve
Sung Eun Kim, Jung-Won Suh
23. Practical