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Marchesini, Roberto - Over the Human, ebook

Over the Human

Marchesini, Roberto


Table of contents
1. The Epimethan Condition
Roberto Marchesini
2. The Promethean Condition
Roberto Marchesini
3. The Therianthropic Being as Our Neighbour
Roberto Marchesini
4. Overcoming the Human
Roberto Marchesini

Bogin, Barry - Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective, ebook

Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective

Bogin, Barry

From 79,85€

This comprehensive introduction to the field of human biology covers all the major areas of the field: genetic variation, variation related to climate, infectious and non-infectious diseases, aging, growth, nutrition, and demography. Written by four expert authors working in close collaboration,

Ó Nualláin, Sean - Being Human: The Search for Order, ebook

Being Human: The Search for Order

Ó Nualláin, Sean


Not only do human beings seem not believe in anything but, despite exponential advances in information production, we do not appear to know much either. This book is a guide for everyone who feels understandably perplexed. The book considers issues as diverse as: •

DeLisi, Matt - Human Behavior: A Cell to Society Approach, ebook

Human Behavior: A Cell to Society Approach

DeLisi, Matt

From 84,70€

A unique approach to human behavior
that integrates and interprets the latest research from cell to society
Incorporating principles and findings from molecular biology, neuroscience, and psychological and sociocultural sciences, Human Behavior employs a decidedly integrative biosocial,

Augustine, James R. - Human Neuroanatomy, ebook

Human Neuroanatomy

Augustine, James R.


Human Neuroanatomy, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive overview of the anatomy of the human brain and spinal cord. The book is written at a level to be of use as a text for advanced students and a foundational reference for researchers, clinicians in the

Speicher, Michael R. - Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics, ebook

Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics

Speicher, Michael R.


Genetics and Genomics of Human Population Structure
Sohini Ramachandran, Hua Tang, Ryan N. Gutenkunst, Carlos D. Bustamante
23. Genetic Epidemiology
Sophia S. Wang, Terri H. Beaty, Muin J. Khoury
24. Pharmacogenetics
Nicole M. Walley, Paola Nicoletti,

Relethford, John H. - Human Population Genetics, ebook

Human Population Genetics

Relethford, John H.

From 74,25€

Introductory guide to human population genetics and microevolutionary theory
Providing an introduction to mathematical population genetics, Human Population Genetics gives basic background on the mechanisms of human

Evans, Rhys - Human Metabolism: A Regulatory Perspective, ebook

Human Metabolism: A Regulatory Perspective

Evans, Rhys


The updated bestselling guide to human metabolism and metabolic regulation
The revised and comprehensively updated new edition of Human Metabolism (formerly Metabolic Regulation – A Human Perspective) offers

Rousseaux, Sophie - Epigenetics and Human Reproduction, ebook

Epigenetics and Human Reproduction

Rousseaux, Sophie


Table of contents
1. Potential Epigenetic Consequences Associated with Assisted Reproduction
Amanda Fortier, Jacquetta Trasler
2. Germ Cell Cancer, Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome and Epigenetics
Kristian Almstrup, Olga Mlynarska, Ewa Rajpert-De…