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Brereton, Pat - Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema, ebook

Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema

Brereton, Pat


The fruit of years of painstaking study, Pat Brereton's Hollywood Utopia is a landmark in the emerging field of ecological media criticism. The more urban human societies become, the more our media reflect upon the landscapes, the animals and the fragile unities of our planet. Of no media

Tasker, Yvonne - The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film, ebook

The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film

Tasker, Yvonne


The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film presents a comprehensive overview and analysis of the history, myriad themes, and critical approaches to the action and adventure genre in American cinema.

Draws on a wide range of examples, spanning the silent spectacles of early cinema

Goodall, Nigel - Demi Moore - The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood, ebook

Demi Moore - The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Goodall, Nigel


From her Hollywood debut at the age of 19 to her latest venture, this biography traces the events and circumstances that have shaped Demi Moore's extraordinary character and propelled her from aspiring model to movie superstar. The book describes Demi's troubled childhood and her crusade

Finamore, Michelle Tolini - Hollywood Before Glamour, ebook

Hollywood Before Glamour

Finamore, Michelle Tolini


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michelle Tolini Finamore
2. The Working Girl and the Fashionable Libertine: Fashion and Film in the Progressive Era
Michelle Tolini Finamore
3. World War I and “American” Design in Fashion and Film
Michelle Tolini Finamore
4. “Goddesses from the Machine”: The

McDonald, Paul - Hollywood Stardom, ebook

Hollywood Stardom

McDonald, Paul

From 31,00€

By integrating star studies and film industry studies, Hollywood Stardom reveals the inextricable bonds between culture and commerce in contemporary notions of film stardom.

Integrates the traditions of star studies and industry studies to establish an original and innovative

Scott, Ian - From Pinewood to Hollywood, ebook

From Pinewood to Hollywood

Scott, Ian


Table of contents
1. Prologue: From Pinewood to Hollywood
Ian Scott
2. Introduction: The British Connection: Themes and Theory
Ian Scott
3. Early Invaders: The First British Wave
Ian Scott
4. Sound and Vision: British Filmmakers…

Peacock, Steven - Hollywood and Intimacy, ebook

Hollywood and Intimacy

Peacock, Steven


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Steven Peacock
2. Place and Patterning
Steven Peacock
3. Gesture
Steven Peacock
4. Voice and Conversation
Steven Peacock
5. Music
Steven Peacock
6. Dissolve and Ellipsis

Frymer, Benjamin - Hollywood’s Exploited, ebook

Hollywood’s Exploited

Frymer, Benjamin


: Analyzing Racial Microaggressions in Hollywood’s Urban School Genre
Tara J. Yosso, David Gumaro García
7. Hollywood’s Cinema of Ableism: A Disability Studies Perspective on the Hollywood Industrial Complex