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Heat-Moon, William Least - Columbus in the Americas, ebook

Columbus in the Americas

Heat-Moon, William Least


In Columbus in the Americas, bestselling author William Least Heat-Moon reveals that Columbus's subsequent dealings with the cultures he encountered not only did considerable immediate harm, but also set the pattern of behavior for those who followed him.

Howsam, Leslie - Books between Europe and the Americas, ebook

Books between Europe and the Americas

Howsam, Leslie


Reaction to the 1622 Virginia Massacre: An Early History of Transatlantic Print
Catherine Armstrong
3. Fiction and Civility Across the Seventeenth-Century English Atlantic: Teaching the History of Faustus
Jennifer Mylander
4. Transatlantic News: American

Wilentz, Sean - The Best American History Essays on Lincoln, ebook

The Best American History Essays on Lincoln

Wilentz, Sean


Table of contents
I. General Appraisals
1. Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth
Richard Hofstadter
2. Abraham Lincoln
Edmund Wilson
3. Naturally Anti-Slavery: Lincoln, Race, and the Complexity of American Liberty
James Oliver…

Emerson, Michael O. - Teaching and Studying the Americas, ebook

Teaching and Studying the Americas

Emerson, Michael O.


Primeval Whiteness: White Supremacists, (Latin) American History, and the Trans-American Challenge to Critical Race Studies
Ruth Hill
8. The Making of “Americans”: Old Boundaries, New Realities
Karen Manges Douglas, Rogelio Saenz
9. Interdisciplinary

Armitage, Sue - Speaking History, ebook

Speaking History

Armitage, Sue


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sue Armitage, Laurie Mercier
2. 1865–1900
Sue Armitage, Laurie Mercier
3. 1900–1920
Sue Armitage, Laurie Mercier
4. 1920–1945
Sue Armitage, Laurie Mercier
5. 1945–1965

Lewis, Michael - American Wilderness : A New History, ebook

American Wilderness : A New History

Lewis, Michael


This collected volume of original essays proposes to address the state of scholarship on the political, cultural, and intellectual history of Americans responses to wilderness from first contact to the present. While not bringing a synthetic narrative to wilderness, the volume will gather