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Herf, Jeffrey - Antisemitism Before and Since the Holocaust, ebook

Antisemitism Before and Since the Holocaust

Herf, Jeffrey


Antisemitism Before and Since the Holocaust: Altered Contexts and Recent Perspectives
Anthony McElligott, Jeffrey Herf
Part I. Two Preliminary Observations
2. A Few Observations on Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism

Jensen, Olaf - Britain and the Holocaust, ebook

Britain and the Holocaust

Jensen, Olaf


Perhaps a Place You Might Least Like to Remember/ This Is Your Life and the BBC’s Images of the Holocaust in the Twenty Years Before Holocaust
James Jordan
7. The Holocaust in British Television and Film: A Look over

Rubenfeld, Sheldon - Medicine after the Holocaust, ebook

Medicine after the Holocaust

Rubenfeld, Sheldon


What Does “Medicine after the Holocaust” Have to Do with Aid in Dying?
Kathryn L. Tucker
13. Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ever Permissible?
Wesley J. Smith
14. Cinematic Perspectives on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Glen O. Gabbard

Muir, Simo - Finland’s Holocaust, ebook

Finland’s Holocaust

Muir, Simo


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Contesting the Silences of History
Hana Worthen, Simo Muir
2. Stories of National and Transnational Memory: Renegotiating the Finnish Conception of Moral Witness and National Victimhood
John Sundholm

Pettitt, Joanne - Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives, ebook

Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives

Pettitt, Joanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joanne Pettitt
Part I. On the Humanity of Nazis: Establishing (Un-)Commonality with the Reader
2. Nazis in Society
Joanne Pettitt
3. Subverting Connections with the Reader
Joanne Pettitt
4. Drawing the Reader into the Narrative
Joanne Pettitt
Part II. Between

Bajohr, Frank - The Holocaust and European Societies, ebook

The Holocaust and European Societies

Bajohr, Frank


Collaborators, Bystanders or Rescuers? The Role of Local Citizens in the Holocaust in Nazi-Occupied Belarus
Olga Baranova
7. Nationalizing the Holocaust. ‘Foreign’ Jews and the Making of Indifference in Macedonia Under

Davies, Martin L. - How the Holocaust Looks Now, ebook

How the Holocaust Looks Now

Davies, Martin L.


Bringing the Holocaust Home. Danish and Dutch Third Generation’s Struggle to Make Sense of the Holocaust
Isabella Matauschek
4. Verbalising the Holocaust. Oral/Audiovisual Testimonies of Holocaust

Bragança, Manuel - Ego-histories of France and the Second World War, ebook

Ego-histories of France and the Second World War

Bragança, Manuel


Introduction: Ego-histories, France and the Second World War
Manuel Bragança, Fransiska Louwagie
2. Interview with Robert O. Paxton, on the Writing of History and Ego-history
Robert O. Paxton, Manuel Bragança, Fransiska Louwagie
Part II. Voices from

Stone, Dan - The Holocaust, Fascism and Memory, ebook

The Holocaust, Fascism and Memory

Stone, Dan


Introduction: History and Its Discontents
1. Introduction: History and Its Discontents
Dan Stone
Part I. Interpreting the Holocaust
2. Beyond the ‘Auschwitz Syndrome’: Holocaust