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Munochiveyi, Munyaradzi B. - Prisoners of Rhodesia, ebook

Prisoners of Rhodesia

Munochiveyi, Munyaradzi B.


Getting Arrested: Oral Histories of Violence, Torture, and Arrest in Rhodesia, 1960–1979
Munyaradzi B. Munochiveyi
4. Life in Detention: Oral Histories of Confinement in Rhodesian Detention Centers
Munyaradzi B.

Jessee, Erin - Negotiating Genocide in Rwanda, ebook

Negotiating Genocide in Rwanda

Jessee, Erin


An Official History: Commemorating “the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi”
Erin Jessee
3. Memorial Staff: Between Official Narrative and Lived Experience
Erin Jessee
4. Genocide Survivors: Complicating the Official Narrative
Erin Jessee
5. Convicted

Ogola, George - Popular Media in Kenyan History, ebook

Popular Media in Kenyan History

Ogola, George


Table of contents
1. Popular Anxieties, Popular Expressions: An Introduction
George Ogola
2. Re-reading the ‘Popular’ in African Popular Culture
George Ogola
3. Recuperating the ‘Popular’ in Kenyan Literature
George Ogola

McQuilton, John - Australia's Communities and the Boer War, ebook

Australia's Communities and the Boer War

McQuilton, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction: “Dot” Briggs
John McQuilton
2. Portrait of a Region
John McQuilton
3. “Skyrocket Patriotism”: October 1899 to December 1900
John McQuilton
4. Exploring Disloyalty
John McQuilton

Cullen, Poppy - Kenya and Britain after Independence, ebook

Kenya and Britain after Independence

Cullen, Poppy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: From Mau Mau Enemies to ‘Best Friends’
Poppy Cullen
Part I. Making Policy
2. British Institutions and Actors
Poppy Cullen
3. Kenyan Institutions and Actors
Poppy Cullen
Part II. Policy-making…