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Dussen, Jan - History as a Science, ebook

History as a Science

Dussen, Jan


The Idea of History and Its Discussion
Jan Dussen
4. Collingwood’s Unpublished Manuscripts
Jan Dussen
5. Collingwood as an Archaeologist and Historian
Jan Dussen
6. The Historical Object
Jan Dussen
7. Historical Method
Jan Dussen

Agassi, Joseph - Science and its History, ebook

Science and its History

Agassi, Joseph


Chroniclers in the Courts of Science: Preliminary Essays on the Traditions and the History of Science
Joseph Agassi
2. Towards an Historiography of Science
Joseph Agassi
3. Historiographic essays
Joseph Agassi
4. Historical Essays

Roberts, Adam - The History of Science Fiction, ebook

The History of Science Fiction

Roberts, Adam


Early Twentieth-Century Science Fiction: The Pulps
Adam Roberts
10. Golden Age Science Fiction 1940–1960
Adam Roberts
11. The Impact of New Wave Science Fiction 1960s–1970s

Chemla, Karine - History of Science, History of Text, ebook

History of Science, History of Text

Chemla, Karine


What is the Content of This Book? A Plea for Developing History of Science and History of Text Conjointly
Karine Chemla
11. Knowledge and its Artifacts
David R. Olson

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Williams, Kim - Crossroads: History of Science, History of Art, ebook

Crossroads: History of Science, History of Art

Williams, Kim


What can the Historian of Science Learn from the Historian of the Fine Arts?
Kim Williams
5. The Importance of Concepts for Science
Kim Williams
6. Remarks on Space and Time in Newton, Leibniz, Euler and in Modern Physics
Kim Williams
7. Gruppentheorie

Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, ebook

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


Early pieces include a long essay ‘On the Relations of Philosophy, Poetry, and Reality’, and Oakeshott’s comments on ‘The Cambridge School of Political Science’ through which he himself had passed as an undergraduate. The collection also reproduces a substantial