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Perrett, Bryan - British Military History For Dummies, ebook

British Military History For Dummies

Perrett, Bryan


A plain-English guide to Britons in battle, from the Roman invasion to the ongoing Iraqi war
Charging through the Britain's military past, this accessible guide brings to life the battles and wars that shaped the history of Britain-and the world.

Alic, John A. - Trillions for Military Technology, ebook

Trillions for Military Technology

Alic, John A.


Buying Military Systems: What the Services Want and What They Get
John A. Alic
7. Research and Weapons Design
John A. Alic
8. Complex Systems and the Revolution in Military Affairs
John A. Alic
9. Innovation and Learning in Peace and in War

Smith, Ron - Military Economics, ebook

Military Economics

Smith, Ron


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ron Smith
2. Power and Money
Ron Smith
3. Security: Are We Safe?
Ron Smith
4. Military Spending: How Much Is Enough?
Ron Smith
5. Force Acquisition I, Demand: The Biggest Bang for a Buck?
Ron Smith
6. Force Acquisition II, Supply: Merchants of Death?

Ireland, Brian - The US Military in Hawai‘i, ebook

The US Military in Hawai‘i

Ireland, Brian


Table of contents
1. War Stories: A Militarized History of Hawai‘i
Brian Ireland
2. Remembering and Forgetting at Waikīkī’s Great War Memorial
Brian Ireland
3. ‘Unknown Soldiers’: Remembering Hawai‘i’s Great War Dead
Brian Ireland
4. Hooray for Haolewood? Hawai‘i on Film

Footitt, Hilary - Languages and the Military, ebook

Languages and the Military

Footitt, Hilary


Introduction: Languages and the Military: Alliances, Occupation and Peace Building
Hilary Footitt
2. One Army, Many Languages: Foreign Troops and Linguistic Diversity in the Eighteenth-Century French Military
Christopher Tozzi
3. ‘Amidst Clamour and

Brunstad, Paul Otto - Enduring Military Boredom, ebook

Enduring Military Boredom

Brunstad, Paul Otto


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Enduring Military Boredom
Bård Mæland, Paul Otto Brunstad
2. Boredom in Military History
Bård Mæland, Paul Otto Brunstad
3. Navigating against the Wind of Entropy
Bård Mæland, Paul Otto Brunstad
4. Bored in Afghanistan?
Bård Mæland, Paul Otto Brunstad

Jacob, Frank - The Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe, ebook

The Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe

Jacob, Frank


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Frank Jacob, Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo
2. Global Military Revolutions?
Frank Jacob, Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo
3. Numerous Military Revolutions?
Frank Jacob, Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo
4. Conclusion: An Endless Evolution
Frank Jacob, Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo

Demhardt, Imre Josef - History of Military Cartography, ebook

History of Military Cartography

Demhardt, Imre Josef


Military Cartography during World War I
1. Image of Belgium in WWI Through Maps
Wouter Bracke
2. The Postal Service of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps (1917–1919): A Time-Step Analysis Using Historical Data Integration in a GIS Environment