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Pfanzagl, Johann - Mathematical Statistics, ebook

Mathematical Statistics

Pfanzagl, Johann


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johann Pfanzagl
2. Sufficiency
Johann Pfanzagl
3. Descriptive Statistics
Johann Pfanzagl
4. Optimality of Unbiased Estimators: Nonasymptotic Theory
Johann Pfanzagl
5. Asymptotic Optimality…

Schlimm, Dirk - Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics, ebook

Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Schlimm, Dirk


“A Most Elegant Property”: On the Early History of Lexell’s Theorem
Eisso J. Atzema
9. The Misnamings of Playfair’s Axiom
Amy Ackerberg-Hastings
10. Napier, Torporley, Menelaus, and Ptolemy: Delambre and De Morgan’s Observations on Seventeenth-Century

W., Wachter Kenneth - Mathematical Demography, ebook

Mathematical Demography

W., Wachter Kenneth


On the Rate of Growth of the Population of the United States since 1790 and its Mathematical Representation
David P. Smith, Nathan Keyfitz
Part V. Probability Models of Conception and Birth
33. First Investigations on the Fecundability of a Woman

Al-Rawi, Farouk N.H. - New Mathematical Cuneiform Texts, ebook

New Mathematical Cuneiform Texts

Al-Rawi, Farouk N.H.


Further Mathematical Texts from Old Babylonian Mê-Turran (Tell Haddad)
Jöran Friberg, Farouk N. H. Al-Rawi
7. A Recombination Text from Old Babylonian Shaduppûm Concerned with Economic Transactions
Jöran Friberg, Farouk N. H. Al-Rawi
8. Six Fragments

Bartocci, Claudio - Mathematical Lives, ebook

Mathematical Lives

Bartocci, Claudio


Table of contents
1. Hilbert’s Problems
Umberto Bottazzini
2. The Way We Were
Giorgio Bolondi, Angelo Guerraggio, Pietro Nastasi
3. Verlaine and Poincaré
Claudio Bartocci, Renato Betti, Angelo Guerraggio, Roberto Lucchetti
4. Bertrand Russell
Gianni Rigamonti
5. Godfrey H. Hardy