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Müller, Frank Lorenz - Royal Heirs in Imperial Germany, ebook

Royal Heirs in Imperial Germany

Müller, Frank Lorenz


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Frank Lorenz Müller
2. Symptoms of the “Unnaturalness of an Institution”?
Frank Lorenz Müller
3. “The Love of the People … Needs to be Acquired”
Frank Lorenz Müller
4. “I and…

Semmens, Kristin - Seeing Hitler’s Germany, ebook

Seeing Hitler’s Germany

Semmens, Kristin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kristin Semmens
2. The Gleichschaltung of Commercial Tourism
Kristin Semmens
3. Nazi Tourist Culture
Kristin Semmens
4. The Absent Swastika: ‘Normal’ Tourist Culture
Kristin Semmens

Bulmer, Simon - Rethinking Germany and Europe, ebook

Rethinking Germany and Europe

Bulmer, Simon


Does Congruence Matter? Germany and Britain in the European Union
Simon Bulmer, Charlie Jeffery
9. Germany’s Role in European and International Security: Aims versus Action
Emil J. Kirchner
10. European Leadership in Transition: Angela Merkel and

Starkman, Ruth A. - Transformations of the New Germany, ebook

Transformations of the New Germany

Starkman, Ruth A.


Germany and Its Minorities
9. Aussiedler and Ausländer: Transforming German National Identity
Nora Räthzel
10. Germany’s Coming Out: Citizenship and Immigration Reform since Unification
Hermann Kurthen
11. (Re)constructing Community in Berlin:

Scully, Richard - British Images of Germany, ebook

British Images of Germany

Scully, Richard


‘North Sea’ or ‘German Ocean’? Britain and Germany in the Wider World
Richard Scully
4. A ‘Pink Link’ — Race, Religion and the Anglo-German Cartographic Freemasonry
Richard Scully
5. War and the Severing of the ‘Pink Link’

Niven, Bill - Memorialization in Germany since 1945, ebook

Memorialization in Germany since 1945

Niven, Bill


The Fight in the Prison Car Park: Memorializing Germany’s ‘Double Past’ in Torgau since 1990
Andrew H. Beattie
Section 5. Memorializing Germany’s Ambivalent Legacies
32. Martin Luther — Rebel, Genius, Liberator:

Madarász, Jeannette Z. - Working in East Germany, ebook

Working in East Germany

Madarász, Jeannette Z.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Life in a Socialist Dictatorship
Jeannette Z. Madarász
2. Economic Politics and Company Culture
Jeannette Z. Madarász
3. Transformatorenwerk Berlin: Success and Failure
Jeannette Z. Madarász