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Reese, William J. - History, Education, and the Schools, ebook

History, Education, and the Schools

Reese, William J.


What History Teaches about the Impact of Educational Research on Practice
William J. Reese
Part II. Urban Schools in the Nineteenth Century
4. Public Education in St. Louis
William J. Reese
5. Political Economy and the High School
William J.

Walsh, Brendan - Essays in the History of Irish Education, ebook

Essays in the History of Irish Education

Walsh, Brendan


‘Injurious to the Best Interests of Education’? Teaching and Learning Under the Intermediate Education System, 1878–1922
Brendan Walsh
7. Historical Overview of Developments in Special Education in Ireland

Carretero, Mario - History Education and Conflict Transformation, ebook

History Education and Conflict Transformation

Carretero, Mario


Conflict Transformation and History Teaching: Social Psychological Theory and Its Contributions
Charis Psaltis, Mario Carretero, Sabina Čehajić-Clancy
Part I. Global and Regional Perspectives on Textbook Writing, Civil Society Organizations and Social Representations

Popkewitz, Thomas S. - Rethinking the History of Education, ebook

Rethinking the History of Education

Popkewitz, Thomas S.


The Visual Turn in the History of Education: Four Comments for a Historiographical Discussion
Inés Dussel
3. Chinese Mode of Historical Thinking and Its Transformation in Pedagogical Discourse
Zongjie Wu

Furinghetti, Fulvia - Researching the History of Mathematics Education, ebook

Researching the History of Mathematics Education

Furinghetti, Fulvia


The Revolution in Mathematics Education During the Meiji Era (1868–1912): A Study of the Textbooks Used to Teach Computation, Geometry and Algebra
Marion Cousin
4. Early Experiments with Modern Mathematics in Belgium. Advanced Mathematics Taught from Childhood?

Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, ebook

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


This highly readable new collection of thirty pieces by Michael Oakeshott, almost all of which are previously unpublished, covers every decade of his intellectual career, and adds significantly to his contributions to the philosophy of historical understanding and political philosophy, as well as to the philosophy of education

Angulo, A. J. - Empire and Education, ebook

Empire and Education

Angulo, A. J.


Table of contents
1. After the MAINE
A. J. Angulo
2. Benevolent Education
A. J. Angulo
3. Culture and Citizenship
A. J. Angulo
4. Hampton Creole
A. J. Angulo
5. By Executive Order
A. J. Angulo
6. Greatest Generation