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Stone, Dan - The Historiography of Genocide, ebook

The Historiography of Genocide

Stone, Dan


Documentation Delayed, Justice Denied: The Historiography of the Cambodian Genocide
Ben Kiernan
20. Mass Killings and Images of Genocide in Bosnia, 1941–5 and 1992–5
Robert M. Hayden
21. The Historiography of

Marincola, John - A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography, ebook

A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography

Marincola, John


This two-volume Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography reflects the new directions and interpretations that have arisen in the field of ancient historiography in the past few decades. Comprises a series of cutting edge articles written by recognised

Cochrane, Claire - Theatre History and Historiography, ebook

Theatre History and Historiography

Cochrane, Claire


Feminist Historiography and Ethics
Katherine Newey
6. Garrison Theatre in Colonial India
Poonam Trivedi
7. Facing the Face of the Other
Claire Cochrane
Part III. The Ethics of Evidence
8. Recollecting and Re-Collecting
Alison Jeffers

Mantena, Rama Sundari - The Origins of Modern Historiography in India, ebook

The Origins of Modern Historiography in India

Mantena, Rama Sundari


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Origins of Modern Historiography in India
Rama Sundari Mantena
2. Conquest and History: The Making of Colonial Archives
Rama Sundari Mantena
3. Colin Mackenzie and the Search for History
Rama Sundari Mantena
4. The Kavali Brothers: Native Intellectuals in Early

Berkhofer, Robert F. - Fashioning History, ebook

Fashioning History

Berkhofer, Robert F.


Table of contents
Part I. Construing the Past as History
1. Historical Methods
Robert F. Berkhofer
2. Historical Synthesis
Robert F. Berkhofer
Part II. Comparing Histories
3. Texts as Archives and Histories
Robert F. Berkhofer

Howkins, Adrian - Antarctica and the Humanities, ebook

Antarctica and the Humanities

Howkins, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Antarctica: A Continent for the Humanities
Peder Roberts, Adrian Howkins, Lize-Marié Watt
Part I. The Heroic and the Mundane
2. Antarctic Diaries and Heroic Reputations: Changing the Subject
Elizabeth Leane

Forlenza, Rosario - Italian Modernities, ebook

Italian Modernities

Forlenza, Rosario


Table of contents
1. Into Italy, into the Modern
Rosario Forlenza, Bjørn Thomassen
2. Liberal Modernity
Rosario Forlenza, Bjørn Thomassen
3. Catholic Modernities: Epics of a Christian Nation
Rosario Forlenza, Bjørn Thomassen