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Braver, Lee - Heidegger: Thinking of Being, ebook

Heidegger: Thinking of Being

Braver, Lee


Martin Heidegger is among the most important philosophers of the Twentieth Century. Within the continental tradition, almost every great figure has been deeply influenced by his work. For this reason, a full understanding of the course of modern philosophy is impossible without at least

Gunkel, David - Heidegger and the Media, ebook

Heidegger and the Media

Gunkel, David


The most significant philosopher of Being, Martin Heidegger has nevertheless largely been ignored within communications studies. This book sets the record straight by demonstrating the profound implications of his unique philosophical project for our understanding of today’s mediascape.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel - L’esperimento del Dottor Heidegger, ebook

L’esperimento del Dottor Heidegger

Hawthorne, Nathaniel


L’esperimento del Dottor Heidegger di Nathaniel Hawthorne traduzione di Paola Levante. Nel racconto l’esperimento del Dottor Heidegger di Nathaniel Hawthorne un anziano dottore sottopone tre venerandi amici e una vecchia vedova a uno dei suoi bizzarri

Heidegger, Martin - Kant & metafysiikan ongelma, ebook

Kant & metafysiikan ongelma

Heidegger, Martin


Ilmaisu "metafysiikan ongelma" on kaksiselitteinen", Heidegger kirjoittaa. Kirja perustuu luentoihin, jotka Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) piti vuonna 1927-1929. Kant ja metafysiikan ongelma (Kant und das Problem der Metaphysik)

Dreyfus, Hubert L. - A Companion to Heidegger, ebook

A Companion to Heidegger

Dreyfus, Hubert L.


The Blackwell Companion to Heidegger is a complete guide to the work and thought of Martin Heidegger, one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century.
Considers the most important elements of Heidegger’s

Armitage, Duane - Heidegger and the Death of God, ebook

Heidegger and the Death of God

Armitage, Duane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Duane Armitage
2. Nietzsche and the Battle Over Being
Duane Armitage
3. Heidegger’s Gigantomachy
Duane Armitage
4. Kierkegaard, Nagel, Conclusions
Duane Armitage

Trawny, Peter - Heidegger, A Critical Introduction, ebook

Heidegger, A Critical Introduction

Trawny, Peter


Martin Heidegger is one of the most influential figures of twentieth-century philosophy but his reputation was tainted by his associations with Nazism. The posthumous publication of the Black Notebooks, which reveal the shocking extent of Heidegger’s

Dillard, Peter S. - Non-Metaphysical Theology After Heidegger, ebook

Non-Metaphysical Theology After Heidegger

Dillard, Peter S.


Is There Any Such Thing as What Heidegger Calls Thinking?
Peter S. Dillard
3. From Proto-Theology to Phenomenology
Peter S. Dillard
4. Deconstructive Scriptural Meaning
Peter S. Dillard
5. A Pair of Ledgers
Peter S. Dillard
6. A Word

Inwood, Michael - Heidegger: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Heidegger: A Very Short Introduction

Inwood, Michael


Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) is probably the most divisive philosopher of the twentieth century: viewed by some as a charlatan; as a leader and central figure to many philosophers. Michael Inwood's lucid introduction to Heidegger's thought focuses on his most important work, 'Being and

Vaden, Tere - Heidegger, Zizek ja vallankumous, ebook

Heidegger, Zizek ja vallankumous

Vaden, Tere


Martin Heidegger uskoi vuonna 1933, että Adolf Hitler on Saksan ja Euroopan tulevaisuus? Entä miksi "lännen vaarallisin filosofi" Slavoj Zizek kehuu Heideggerin militantismia? Teos tarkastelee Heideggerin ja Zizekin liberalismikritiikkiä. Se keskittyy näiden vallankumouskäsitysten