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Nagayama, Yuji - Radiation Health Risk Sciences, ebook

Radiation Health Risk Sciences

Nagayama, Yuji


Research Activities and Projects Within a Framework of International Radiation Health Sciences Research
Noboru Takamura, Akira Ohtsuru, Hiroki Ozawa, Shunichi Yamashita
13. Age and Prognosis: Do Adjuvant Therapies Influence

Hoffbauer, Barbara - Berufsziel Life Sciences, ebook

Berufsziel Life Sciences

Hoffbauer, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten in den Life Sciences
Barbara Hoffbauer
2. Berufsfelder in der Pharmaindustrie
Barbara Hoffbauer
3. Berufsfelder in der Biotechnologie
Barbara Hoffbauer
4. Berufsfelder in der Konsumgüterindustrie

Blaxter, Mildred - Health, ebook


Blaxter, Mildred


The second edition of Mildred Blaxter's successful and highly respected book offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the key debates surrounding the concept of health today. It discusses how health is defined, constructed, experienced and

Bogdan, Boris - Valuation in Life Sciences, ebook

Valuation in Life Sciences

Bogdan, Boris


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
2. Basics of Valuation
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
3. Valuation in Life Sciences
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
4. Exercises
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph…