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Norris, Lisa - Transplant Administration, ebook

Transplant Administration

Norris, Lisa

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This timely new book, written by a transplant administrator with over sixteen years of experience, along with other expert contributors, covers the specifics of each aspect of transplant administration, providing information that will enable new administrators to quickly master essentials,

Garcia-Retamero, Rocio - Transparent Communication of Health Risks, ebook

Transparent Communication of Health Risks

Garcia-Retamero, Rocio


Transparent Health Information in the Media
Stephanie M. Müller, Nicolai Bodemer, Yasmina Okan, Rocio Garcia-Retamero, Angela Neumeyer-Gromen
13. On the Effect of Individual Differences on Shared Decision Making
Mirta Galesic, Rocio Garcia-Retamero

Agrawal, Abha - Safety of Health IT, ebook

Safety of Health IT

Agrawal, Abha


Errors Related to Various Types of Health Information Technologies
3. Errors Related to CPOE
Jan Horsky
4. Errors Related to Alert Fatigue
Heleen Sijs
5. Errors Related to Bar Code-Assisted Medication Administration
Jonathan S. Bagby
6. Errors

Adinolfi, Paola - The Myths of Health Care, ebook

The Myths of Health Care

Adinolfi, Paola


Managing in Health Care: Cues and Reflections
1. Managing the Myths of Health Care
Henry Mintzberg
2. The Historical Evolution of Health Concepts and Approaches: The Challenge of Complexity
Paola Adinolfi, Elio

Kickbusch, Ilona - Global Health Diplomacy, ebook

Global Health Diplomacy

Kickbusch, Ilona


Global Health Diplomacy: An Introduction
2. The History and Evolution of Global Health Diplomacy
Ilona Kickbusch, Margarita Ivanova
3. Current and Future Issues in Global Health Diplomacy
Graham Lister, Michaela Told
4. Global Health Law

Regmi, Krishna - Decentralizing Health Services, ebook

Decentralizing Health Services

Regmi, Krishna


Decentralization and Public Health: An Analysis of the Health System in Five Latin American Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico
Gloria Molina, Julian Vargas, Beatriz Londoño
4. Decentralization and