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Hassan, Yahya - Yahya Hassan: Runot, ebook

Yahya Hassan: Runot

Hassan, Yahya


Pohjoismaiden puhutuin kirja vuonna 2014!
Yahya Hassanin omaelämäkerrallinen ja kertova teos on myynyt Tanskassa yli 100 000 kpl ja Ruotsissa ja Norjassa heti yli 10 000 kpl. Se on nostattanut suurimman sananvapauskeskustelun sitten Muhammed-pilapiirrosten, ja 19-vuotias Hassan

Hassan, Fred - Reinvent: A Leader's Playbook for Serial Success, ebook

Reinvent: A Leader's Playbook for Serial Success

Hassan, Fred


Leadership principles from a master of the business turnaround
In Reinvent, renowned CEO and business leader Fred Hassan explains how to transform a struggling business into a raging success by reinventing the culture, attitude, and behaviors of organizations and people. Leaders who want

Karimi, Hassan A. - Universal Navigation on Smartphones, ebook

Universal Navigation on Smartphones

Karimi, Hassan A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Navigation
Hassan A. Karimi
2. Outdoor Navigation
Hassan A. Karimi
3. Indoor Navigation
Hassan A. Karimi
4. Universal Navigation
Hassan A. Karimi
5. Anywhere Navigation

Galadari, Hassan - Soft Tissue Augmentation, ebook

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Galadari, Hassan


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. The History of Fillers
Hassan Galadari
2. Rheology: The Study of the Physical Properties of Filler Materials
Hassan Galadari
3. Differences in Men and Women
Hassan Galadari
Part II.…

Raza, Hassan - Graphene Nanoelectronics, ebook

Graphene Nanoelectronics

Raza, Hassan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hassan Raza
2. Raman Spectroscopy: Characterization of Edges, Defects, and the Fermi Energy of Graphene and sp 2 Carbons
M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, L. G. Cançado, G. Dresselhaus, R. Saito

Bevrani, Hassan - Power System Monitoring and Control, ebook

Power System Monitoring and Control

Bevrani, Hassan

From 114,60€

Power System Monitoring and Control (PSMC) is becoming increasingly significant in the design, planning, and operation of modern electric power systems. In response to the existing challenge of integrating advanced metering, computation, communication,…