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Donohoe, Martin - Public Health and Social Justice, ebook

Public Health and Social Justice

Donohoe, Martin


Praise for Public Health and Social Justice
"This compilation unifies ostensibly distant corners of our broad discipline under the common pursuit of health as an achievable, non-negotiable human right.

Viswanathan, Akila N. - Gynecologic Radiation Therapy, ebook

Gynecologic Radiation Therapy

Viswanathan, Akila N.


USA: Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston
Akila N. Viswanathan, Jorgen Hansen, Robert Cormack
22. USA: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Jason Rownd, Beth E. Erickson

Fienberg, Stephen E. - The Pleasures of Statistics, ebook

The Pleasures of Statistics

Fienberg, Stephen E.


Graduate Schools: Carnegie and Princeton
Frederick Mosteller
11. Magic
Frederick Mosteller
12. Beginning Research
Frederick Mosteller
13. Completing the Doctorate
Frederick Mosteller
14. Coming to Harvard University
Frederick Mosteller

Bloomberg, Michael R. - Bloomberg by Bloomberg, Revised and Updated, ebook

Bloomberg by Bloomberg, Revised and Updated

Bloomberg, Michael R.


Michael Bloomberg rose from middle-class Medford, Massachusetts to become a pioneer of the computer age, mayor of New York, one of the world's most generous philanthropists, and one of America's most respected—and fearless—voices on gun violence, climate change, public health,

Rosenthal, Lesley - Good Counsel: Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits, ebook

Good Counsel: Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits

Rosenthal, Lesley


Contains practice pointers, checklists, and assessment toolsFeatures sample contracts, licenses, and other form documentsFilled with case studies and end-of-chapter focus questions, as well as available lesson plans for easy classroom use by educators in business, management, public