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Hammer, Hans-Werner - NSTAR 2007, ebook

NSTAR 2007

Hammer, Hans-Werner


Table of contents
1. Excited hadrons on the lattice
C. Gattringer
2. Probing the nucleon structure with CLAS
V. D. Burkert
3. Physics at ELSA
H. Schmieden
4. Baryon resonance experiments at COSY
W. Schroeder
5. Analysis of the ?-resonance in a finite volume
V. Bernard, M. Lage, U. -G.

Lippens, P.-E. - ICAME 2005, ebook

ICAME 2005

Lippens, P.-E.


Table of contents
1. Synchrotron Mössbauer reflectometry using stroboscopic detection
L. Deán, L. Bottyán, R. Callens, R. Coussement, M. Major, I. Serdons, Y. Yoda
2. Synthesis and characterisation of the Fe(II–III) hydroxy-formate green…

Pasquevich, A. - HFI/NQI 2007, ebook

HFI/NQI 2007

Pasquevich, A.


Table of contents
1. EFG calculations for Cu2+ compounds
H. Haas, J. G. Correia
2. First principles study of nuclear quadrupole interactions in the molecular solid BF3 and the nature of binding between the molecules
Dip N. Mahato, R. H.…

Génin, J. -M. R. - ICAME 2005, ebook

ICAME 2005

Génin, J. -M. R.


Table of contents
1. Stanley Ruby 1924–2004
Gopal Shenoy, Gennadii Smirnov, John Arthur
2. In situ Mössbauer studies of electrochemical processes
J. D. Cashion, T. L. Greaves
3. Dynamics of metal centers monitored by nuclear…

Kuzmann, E. - ISIAME 2008, ebook


Kuzmann, E.


Table of contents
1. Preface (ISIAME 2008)
E. Kuzmann, K. Lázár
2. Mössbauer spectroscopy in molecular magnetism
P. Gütlich, A. Bhattacharjee, M. Seredyuk, A. B. Gaspar
3. Monitoring by Mössbauer spectroscopy the thermal reduction…

Gajbhiye, N. S. - ICAME 2007, ebook

ICAME 2007

Gajbhiye, N. S.


Table of contents
1. Preface (ICAME2007)
N. S. Gajbhiye, S. K. Date
2. Mössbauer effect: a dual method for myriad applications
D. L. Nagy
3. Skutterudites, a thermoelectric material investigated by high field Mössbauer spectroscopy