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Brown, Sherri A. - Health for Some, ebook

Health for Some

Brown, Sherri A.


Introduction: The Social Determinants of Global Health: Confronting Inequities
Sandra J. MacLean, Sherri A. Brown
Part II. Globalization, the State, and Global Health
2. The G8, Globalization, and the Need for a Global Health Ethic
Ted Schrecker

Blaxter, Mildred - Health, ebook


Blaxter, Mildred


The second edition of Mildred Blaxter's successful and highly respected book offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the key debates surrounding the concept of health today. It discusses how health is defined, constructed, experienced and

Rivas, Homero - Digital Health, ebook

Digital Health

Rivas, Homero


Digital Health and Obesity: How Technology Could Be the Culprit and Solution for Obesity
Matthew Cooper, John Morton
13. Engaging a Digital Health Behavior Audience: A Case Study
David Bychkov, Sean D. Young

Eriksson-Backa, Kristina - In Sickness and in Health, ebook

In Sickness and in Health

Eriksson-Backa, Kristina


In Sickness and in Health How Information and Knowledge Are Related to Health Behaviour Kristina Eriksson-Backa It is commonplace to hear or read about connections between food and health in different kinds

Frumkin, Howard - Environmental Health: From Global to Local, ebook

Environmental Health: From Global to Local

Frumkin, Howard


Environmental Health: From Global to Local offers students a comprehensive introduction to environmental health. It provides an overview of methods and paradigms used in this exciting field, ranging from ecology to epidemiology, from toxicology to environmental