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Gu, Jianren - Primary Liver Cancer, ebook

Primary Liver Cancer

Gu, Jianren


Concepts, Challenges and Perspectives in Cancer Research
Jianren Gu, Wenxin Qin, Zhigang Zhang
2. Systemic Dysregulation in the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Jianren Gu, Xianghuo He, Zhenfeng Zhang, Weijie

Gu, W. - Gene Discovery for Disease Models, ebook

Gene Discovery for Disease Models

Gu, W.


This book provides readers with new paradigms on the mutation discovery in the post-genome era. The completion of human and other genome sequencing, along with other new technologies, such as mutation analysis and microarray, has dramatically accelerated…

Davies, Jonathan - Advanced Clinical Skills for GU Nurses, ebook

Advanced Clinical Skills for GU Nurses

Davies, Jonathan


This book has been developed to help nurses who are in nurse practitioner roles by supporting them to develop their ‘advanced practice skills’. This book is intended to build on skills and knowledge that nurses will have acquired at staff…