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Dasgupta, Ratan - Growth Curve Models and Applications, ebook

Growth Curve Models and Applications

Dasgupta, Ratan


Protein Structure Modeling of Abnormal Genes Associated with PARK 1 and PARK 8 Loci Related to Autosomal Dominant Parkinson’s Disease and Docking the Protein(s) with Appropriate Ligands
Sanchari Roy, T. S. Vasulu
3. Time Detection for Ovulation in a Cycle

Yang, Qiang - Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials, ebook

Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials

Yang, Qiang


Disturbed State Concept (DSC) for Constitutive Modeling of Geologic Materials and Beyond
Chandrakant S. Desai
4. Three-Dimensional Failure in Geomaterials: Experimentation and Modeling
Poul V. Lade
5. FEM Implementation of Micropolar Hypoplastic

Yang, Gi-Chul - Transactions on Engineering Technologies, ebook

Transactions on Engineering Technologies

Yang, Gi-Chul


Parametric Control of National Economy’s Growth Based on Regional Computable General Equilibrium Model
Abdykappar Ashimov, Yuriy Borovskiy, Bahyt Sultanov, Nikolay Borovskiy, Rakhman Alshanov, Bakytzhan Aisakova
17. Integrating Dynamic Composition Estimation

McHale, Susan M. - Emerging Methods in Family Research, ebook

Emerging Methods in Family Research

McHale, Susan M.


Latent Growth Curve Models with Random and Fixed Effects
Jay Teachman
2. Families as Coordinated Symbiotic Systems: Making use of Nonlinear Dynamic Models
Nilam Ram, Mariya Shiyko, Erika S. Lunkenheimer, Shawna Doerksen,

Jäger, Willi - Mathematics – Key Technology for the Future, ebook

Mathematics – Key Technology for the Future

Jäger, Willi


Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Epitaxial Growth and their Application in the Study of a Meander Instability
F. Haußer, F. Otto, P. Penzler, A. Voigt
7. Micro Structures in Thin Coating Layers: Micro Structure Evolution and Macroscopic Contact Angle