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Parviainen, Heidi - Grim: poems, ebook

Grim: poems

Parviainen, Heidi


Grim Poems is a horror fantasy story that tells about a magical city of Grim and its rabbit-headed people. The citizens of Grim are suffering under the tyranny of a monster called Mörk and his power orb Malevolent.

Grimmer, Christoph G. - Der Einsatz Sozialer Medien im Sport, ebook

Der Einsatz Sozialer Medien im Sport

Grimmer, Christoph G.


Table of contents
Teil I. Gesellschaft
1. Sportjournalismus und Social Media – Eine mehrperspektivische Studie zu den Olympischen Spielen in Sotschi 2014
Thomas Horky, Christoph G. Grimmer, Daniel Nölleke
2. „Dopingtalk“ im Internet – Lernmilieus zum Substanzgebrauch im Sport
Antje Dresen, Johannes

Kuhns, Luke - Sherlock Holmes and The Horror of Frankenstein, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and The Horror of Frankenstein

Kuhns, Luke


When a man is found murdered at the scene of the most recent grave robbery Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are brought in to shed much needed light upon this grim scene. Join the great detective and his trusted colleague as they venture down the rabbit hole where

Hand, Richard J. - The Theatre of Joseph Conrad, ebook

The Theatre of Joseph Conrad

Hand, Richard J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Conrad’s Plays?
Richard J. Hand
2. A Jolly Cold World: An Introduction to the Theatre of Joseph Conrad
Richard J. Hand
3. A Tragedy in Modern Life: One Day More
Richard J. Hand
4. A Grim and Weird Play: Basil Macdonald Hastings’s Victory
Richard J.

Akbarzadeh, Shahram - America’s Challenges in the Greater Middle East, ebook

America’s Challenges in the Greater Middle East

Akbarzadeh, Shahram


Table of contents
1. Obama in the Middle East: Failure to Bring Change
Shahram Akbarzadeh
2. Iraq: Policies, Politics, and the Art of the Possible
Charles W. Dunne
3. Saudi Arabia: A Controversial Partnership
Thomas W. Lippman
4. GCC States Under the Obama Administration
Christian Koch
5. Egypt: