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Hadjsa?d, Nouredine - Smart Grids, ebook

Smart Grids

Hadjsa?d, Nouredine


On a worldwide basis, the development of SmartGrids is a consistent answer to the problem of an efficient and sustainable delivery of electric energy through distribution grids. SmartGrids are a combination of information and communication technologies and new energy technologies. There

Baker, Mark - The Grid: Core Technologies, ebook

The Grid: Core Technologies

Baker, Mark


Find out which technologies enable the Grid and how to employ them successfully!
This invaluable text provides a complete, clear, systematic, and practical understanding of the technologies that enable the Grid. The authors outline all the components

Momoh, James A. - Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis, ebook

Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis

Momoh, James A.

From 96,80€

The book is written as primer hand book for addressing the fundamentals of smart grid. It provides the working definition the functions, the design criteria and the tools and techniques and technology needed for building smart grid. The book is needed

Ekanayake, Janaka B. - Smart Grid: Technology and Applications, ebook

Smart Grid: Technology and Applications

Ekanayake, Janaka B.

From 95,70€

The Smart Grid uses advanced ICT to control next generation power systems reliably and efficiently. This authoritative guide demonstrates the importance of the Smart Grid and shows how ICT will extend beyond transmission voltages