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Bakker, Egbert J. - A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language, ebook

A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language

Bakker, Egbert J.


A comprehensive account of the language of Ancient Greek civilization in a single volume, with contributions from leading international scholars covering the historical, geographical, sociolinguistic, and literary perspectives of the language. A collection of 36 original essays by a

Beck, Hans - A Companion to Ancient Greek Government, ebook

A Companion to Ancient Greek Government

Beck, Hans

From 166,65€

This comprehensive volume details the variety of constitutions and types of governing bodies in the ancient Greek world.A collection of original scholarship on ancient Greek governing structures and institutionsExplores the multiple manifestations of

Mikalson, Jon D. - Ancient Greek Religion, ebook

Ancient Greek Religion

Mikalson, Jon D.


Ancient Greek Religion provides an introduction to the fundamental beliefs, practices, and major deities of Greek religion.Focuses on Athens in the classical periodIncludes detailed discussion of Greek gods and heroes,

Sansone, David - Greek Drama and the Invention of Rhetoric, ebook

Greek Drama and the Invention of Rhetoric

Sansone, David


Asserts a novel and controversial theory on the origins of rhetoric that differs radically from the standard viewArgues that it was the theatre of Ancient Greece, first appearing around 500 BC, that promptedthe development of formalized rhetoric, which…

Colvin, Stephen - A Brief History of Ancient Greek, ebook

A Brief History of Ancient Greek

Colvin, Stephen


A Brief History of Ancient Greek accessibly depicts the social history of this ancient language from its Indo-European roots to the present day. Explains key relationships between the language and literature of the Classical period (500 - 300 BC) Provides a social history of the language

Miles, Margaret M. - A Companion to Greek Architecture, ebook

A Companion to Greek Architecture

Miles, Margaret M.


A Companion to Greek Architecture provides an expansive overview of the topic, including design, engineering, and construction as well as theory, reception, and lasting impact. Covers both sacred and secular structures and complexes, with particular attention to architectural decoration,

Fullerton, Mark D. - Greek Sculpture, ebook

Greek Sculpture

Fullerton, Mark D.


Greek Sculpture presents a chronological overview of the plastic and glyptic art forms in the ancient Greek world from the emergence of life-sized marble statuary at the end of the seventh century BC to the appropriation of Greek