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Office, The War - Concealment in the Field 1957, ebook

Concealment in the Field 1957

Office, The War


This pamphlet looks in great detail at the reasons for concealment, and what can be seen from the air. Concealment for the individual is covered as are the principles of concealment for small units. Artificial aids to concealment are also examined, as well as natural

Higgins, Jeremy - Great War Railwaymen, ebook

Great War Railwaymen

Higgins, Jeremy


The railways were intrinsic to fighting the First World War, whether at home or abroad. On the Western Front and beyond trains ferried men and supplies to and from the front on a staggering scale, ensuring that the war machine functioned without pause.

Inglis, James C. - Brodick-Arran and the Great War, ebook

Brodick-Arran and the Great War

Inglis, James C.


Another reference work for those tracing relatives or other individuals from the isle of Arran, who served during the Great War, and wanting information on their war service - especially those connected with the

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley - Croydon and the Great War, ebook

Croydon and the Great War

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley


The last 200 or so pages of this book are taken up with the alphabetical listing of “The Glorious Dead” (2506), the list of Naval and Military Honours (499), also with names in alphabetical order, and thirdly the names of the Returned Prisoners of War(207). In the case of the Fallen

Gorges, Brigadier-General E. Howard - The Great War in West Africa, ebook

The Great War in West Africa

Gorges, Brigadier-General E. Howard


The campaign in West Africa during the Great War is overshadowed by the more famous fight agains the elusive German genius of guerilla warfare, Gen. von Lettow-Vorbeck in East Africa. This account by the British Commander in West Africa, redresses the

Nichols, Captain G. H. F. - The 18th Division in the Great War, ebook

The 18th Division in the Great War

Nichols, Captain G. H. F.


He was to be their GOC until January 1917, when he was replaced by another highly capable commander, Richard Philip Lee, who remained in command for the rest of the war. With the advantage of having only two GOCs, both of such a calibre, the 18th Division reached a

Guides, Michelin - The Americans in the Great War - Vol I, ebook

The Americans in the Great War - Vol I

Guides, Michelin


Volume I of III This admirable account of the part played by the American army on the Western Front is in three volumes. This first volume is concerned with the Second Battle of the Marne covering the period May-August 1918 and the first forty or so pages…

Shelby, Karen D. - Flemish Nationalism and the Great War, ebook

Flemish Nationalism and the Great War

Shelby, Karen D.


World War I Memorial or Symbol of Autonomy?: Collaboration and the IJzertoren
Karen D. Shelby
8. IJzerbedevaart: The Pilgrimage to the IJzer
Karen D. Shelby
9. The IJzerwake: A Different Memory of the Great War
Karen D. Shelby
10. Transformation: