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Woods, Geraldine - Grammar Essentials For Dummies, ebook

Grammar Essentials For Dummies

Woods, Geraldine


Grammar Essentials For Dummies (9781119589617) was previously published as Grammar Essentials For Dummies(9780470618370). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered

Anderson, Wendy M. - English Grammar For Dummies, ebook

English Grammar For Dummies

Anderson, Wendy M.


Improve the writing and speaking skills you use every day
Graceless with grammar? Perplexed by punctuation? Have no fear! This second Australian edition of English Grammar For Dummies explains everything from basic sentence structure to the finer

Kraynak, Cecie - Spanish Grammar For Dummies, ebook

Spanish Grammar For Dummies

Kraynak, Cecie


Throughout the book, you get plenty of practice opportunities to help you on your goal of mastering Spanish grammar. Grasp the grammatical rules of Spanish Benefit from plenty of practice opportunities throughout the book Use the Spanish language confidently and correctly

Mazet, Veronique - French Grammar For Dummies, ebook

French Grammar For Dummies

Mazet, Veronique


The easy way to master French grammar
French Grammar For Dummies is a logical extension and complement to the successful language learning book, French For Dummies. In plain English, it teaches you the grammatical rules of the French language, including parts of speech, sentence construction,

Woods, Geraldine - English Grammar For Dummies, ebook

English Grammar For Dummies

Woods, Geraldine


Get the last word on English grammar
Grasping the intricacies of the English language doesn't need to be tricky, and this down-to-earth guide breaks everything down in ways that make sense—Revealing rules, tips, and tricks to eliminate confusion and gain clarity, English Grammar For

Fanselow, Gisbert - Gradience in Grammar: Generative Perspectives, ebook

Gradience in Grammar: Generative Perspectives

Fanselow, Gisbert


This book represents the state of the art in the study of gradience in grammar: the degree to which utterances are acceptable or grammatical, and the relationship between acceptability and grammaticality. Part I seeks to clarify the nature of gradience... Copying to clipboard limited

Dixon, R. M. W. - A Semantic Approach to English Grammar, ebook

A Semantic Approach to English Grammar

Dixon, R. M. W.


This book shows how grammar helps people communicate and looks at the ways grammar and meaning interrelate. The author starts from the notion that a speaker codes a meaning into grammatical forms which the listener is then able to recover: each word,

Wallwork, Adrian - Top 50 Grammar Mistakes, ebook

Top 50 Grammar Mistakes

Wallwork, Adrian


Table of contents
Part 1. Top 50 Grammar Mistakes
1. Advise, Recommend, Suggest
Adrian Wallwork
2. Allow, Enable, Permit, Let
Adrian Wallwork
3. Already, Just, Still, Yet
Adrian Wallwork
4. Articles: A, An

Yates, Irene - How to be Brilliant at Grammar, ebook

How to be Brilliant at Grammar

Yates, Irene


How to be Brilliant at Grammar helps children to talk about and understand language, and as a result to develop their own language skills. The activities and games include: recognizing the parts of speech such as nouns, plurals, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions; making sentences