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Copus, Colin - Local Government in England, ebook

Local Government in England

Copus, Colin


Table of contents
1. Centralisation: The Constant Struggle
Colin Copus, Mark Roberts, Rachel Wall
2. Policy Narratives in Local and National Government
Colin Copus, Mark Roberts, Rachel Wall
3. Fragmentation and Centralisation

Desille, Amandine - International Migrations and Local Governance, ebook

International Migrations and Local Governance

Desille, Amandine


Migration Governance in Three European Cities: New Local Paradigms?
Myrte S. Hoekstra, Josef Kohlbacher, Daniel Rauhut
3. Immigrant Rights as an Exercise in Urban Branding: The Case of Philadelphia (2008–2015)
Hilary Sanders
4. Multilevel Governance

Young, Stephen B. - Qur’anic Guidance for Good Governance, ebook

Qur’anic Guidance for Good Governance

Young, Stephen B.


Guidance for Good Governance and Civilizational Transformation: Lessons from History, Religion and Science
Abdullah al-Ahsan
3. Science, the Qur’an and the Moral Community
N. Doran Hunter
4. Al-Siyasah al-Shar’iyah: Good Governance in Islam

Qarmout, Tamer - Delivering Aid Without Government, ebook

Delivering Aid Without Government

Qarmout, Tamer


The Hamas Government Involvement in Early Recovery and Reconstruction Schemes Under the No-contact Policy
Tamer Qarmout
6. CSOs Engagement with International Donors and the Hamas Government to Plan and Implement Recovery

Kattumuri, Ruth - Governance and Governed, ebook

Governance and Governed

Kattumuri, Ruth


From Government to Governance
3. The Emergence of Governance Discourse in Liberalizing India
Manali Desai
4. Searching for Democratic Developmentalism? Twenty-Five Years of South Africa’s Macro-governance

Ahmed, Nizam - Inclusive Governance in South Asia, ebook

Inclusive Governance in South Asia

Ahmed, Nizam


Including the Excluded: Government Backbenchers and Opposition in the Parliamentary Process in Bangladesh
Nizam Ahmed
4. Parliamentary Opposition and Government Backbenchers in India
Valerian Rodrigues
5. Government