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Ferry, Luc - On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century

Ferry, Luc


All the great ideals that gave life meaning in earlier societies - God, the nation, revolution, freedom, democracy - are in disarray today, questioned by many and rejected by those who have lost faith in them. But there is another value, rooted in the birth of the modern family and in the

Bythell, Marian - God, Love and Laughter, ebook

God, Love and Laughter

Bythell, Marian


Now, following the publication of another travel-based book and a biography of her late mother, she has penned a companion to Poems of Love, Life & Laughter. For this collection, Marian once again offers a clever mix of humour and pathos, but also includes poems and

Long, Ann - Making God, ebook

Making God

Long, Ann


The great teachers of the Axial Age — the Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, the Hebrew prophets right down to Jesus — began the making of the modern God. They re-made their inherited gods, creating a personal God

Chartier, Gary - The Analogy of Love, ebook

The Analogy of Love

Chartier, Gary


This book offers an overview of Christian theology organized around the twin themes of divine and human love. The book covers the traditional theological topics as well as basic questions of theological method. It seeks to integrate a focus on love throughout.

Kelly, Paul - Love is my Destiny, ebook

Love is my Destiny

Kelly, Paul


A love story with a difference. A heart warming story-line referencing life, courage and christianity brought to you from well-known author Paul Kelly. This latest addition to your library is sure to be another winner.

Kelly, Paul - Love is my Destiny, ebook

Love is my Destiny

Kelly, Paul

From 7,10€

This fantastic new eBook from well-known author Paul Kelly will make an excellent addition to any fiction-lover’s digital shelf. Featuring strong characters and plots which draws you into Kelly’s worlds, reviewers have been recommending his titles…

Routi, Mario - Rebecca Newton and the War of the Gods, ebook

Rebecca Newton and the War of the Gods

Routi, Mario


The Forces of Evil are poised to invade not only the Land of the White Sun, but also the Elysian Fields, home of the Gods - and now they have the power to throw human civilisation back into the Dark Ages. Princess Rebecca and her family face monumental battles in their attempts to defeat

Kelly, Paul - The Greatest of These is Love, ebook

The Greatest of These is Love

Kelly, Paul


The other Catholic boys grew up and fell in love, mostly with Catholic girls, but some went their own way and disregarded the teachings of the church into which they were born and married elsewhere, if they married at all. Joachim grew up too and he also fell in

Weissman, Michaele - God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee, ebook

God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee

Weissman, Michaele


Can a cup of coffee reveal the face of God? Can it become the holy grail of modern-day knights errant who brave hardship and peril in a relentless quest for perfection? Can it change the world? These questions are not rhetorical. When highly prized coffee beans sell at auction for $50, $100,