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Corry, Olaf - Constructing a Global Polity, ebook

Constructing a Global Polity

Corry, Olaf


Global Governmentality and the Domestic Analogy
Olaf Corry
4. Models of Political Structure in International Relations
Olaf Corry
5. What Is a (Global) Polity?
Olaf Corry
Part II. A Global Polity

Green, Andy - Handbook of Global Education Policy, ebook

Handbook of Global Education Policy

Green, Andy


This innovative new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors.
Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity,

Weiss, Thomas G. - Global Governance: Why What Whither, ebook

Global Governance: Why What Whither

Weiss, Thomas G.

From 85,30€

How is the world governed in the absence of a world government?

This probing yet accessible book examines "global governance" or the sum of the informal and formal values, norms, procedures, and institutions that help states, intergovernmental organizations,

Oberleitner, Gerd - Global Human Rights Institutions, ebook

Global Human Rights Institutions

Oberleitner, Gerd


The range of global human rights institutions which have been created over the past half century is a remarkable achievement. Yet, their establishment and proliferation raises important questions. Why do states create such institutions and what do they want them to achieve? Does this differ

Sinclair, Timothy - Global Governance, ebook

Global Governance

Sinclair, Timothy


In today’s uncertain world, the concept of global governance has never been more relevant or widely discussed. But what does this elusive idea really mean, and why has it become so important? This pacey introduction sheds new light on the issues involved, offering readers a comprehensive

Orgad, Shani - Media Representation and the Global Imagination, ebook

Media Representation and the Global Imagination

Orgad, Shani


This book is a clear, systematic, original and lively account of how media representations shape the way we see our and others’ lives in a global age. It provides in-depth analysis of a range of international media representations of disaster, war, conflict, migration and celebration.

Hutchings, Kimberly - Global Ethics: An Introduction, ebook

Global Ethics: An Introduction

Hutchings, Kimberly


This revised edition of Kimberly Hutchings’s best-selling textbook provides an accessible introduction to the field of Global Ethics for students of politics, international relations and globalization. It offers an overview and assessment of key perspectives in Global

West, David - Social Movements in Global Politics, ebook

Social Movements in Global Politics

West, David


Social Movements in Global Politics is a timely new account of the unconventional, ‘extra-institutional’ activities of social movements.
In the face of impending global crises and stubborn conflicts, a conventional view of politics risks