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Bourhis, Eric Le - Glass: Mechanics and Technology, ebook

Glass: Mechanics and Technology

Bourhis, Eric Le


Interdisciplinary in his approach, the author discusses both the science and technology, starting with glass past and present, its structure, and rheology. The sections on properties include mechanical strength and contact resistance, ageing, mechanics of glass

Baum, Lyman F. - Glass Dog, ebook

Glass Dog

Baum, Lyman F.


Lyman Frank Baum’s The Glass Dog is a fairy tale. A wizard is always interrupted during his studies and experiments so he thinks a dog could ward off intruders, but the dog he wants does not exist so he asks for a glass dog. The glassblower assistant

Clare, Alexis - Bio-Glasses: An Introduction, ebook

Bio-Glasses: An Introduction

Clare, Alexis

From 100,10€

This new work is dedicated to glasses and their variants which can be used as biomaterials to repair diseased and damaged tissues. Bio-glasses are superior to other biomaterials in many applications, such as healing bone by signaling stem cells to become

El-Meliegy, Emad - Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications, ebook

Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications

El-Meliegy, Emad


Table of contents
1. History, Market and Classification of Bioceramics
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
2. Selection Criteria of Ceramics for Medical Applications
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
3. Grouping of Ions in Ceramic Solids
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
4. Formulation of Medical Glasses

Kaur, Gurbinder - Bioactive Glasses, ebook

Bioactive Glasses

Kaur, Gurbinder


The Potential of Glasses /Ceramics as Bioactive Materials
Gurbinder Kaur
6. Apatites : A Mark of Bioactivity
Gurbinder Kaur
7. Mechanical Behavior of Bioactive Glasses/Ceramics
Gurbinder Kaur