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Verga, Giovanni - A Sinner, ebook

A Sinner

Verga, Giovanni


Giovanni Verga was an Italian realist writer, best known for his depictions of life in Sicily. A sinner is a story of love and jealousy, set in a Sicilian village, Vizzini, in the late nineteenth century and published in 1865. A young man from Catania,

Verga, Giovanni - Story of a Blackcap, ebook

Story of a Blackcap

Verga, Giovanni


Story of a blackcap is an epistolary novel by Giovanni Verga. It was written between June and July 1869, during the writer's stay in Florence. The main character is Mary, a nineteenyearold girl, who has lived in a convent in Catania since she was seven.

Verga, Giovanni - Rustic Chivalry, ebook

Rustic Chivalry

Verga, Giovanni


Rustic Chivalry is a play written by Giovanni Verga . Turiddu, a young villager, had returned from military service to find that while he was gone, his fiancée, Lola, had married Alfio, the prosperous village teamster. In revenge, Turiddu seduced Santuzza. Santuzza,

König, René - Sizilien, ebook


König, René


Table of contents
1. Taormina
René König
2. Mazzarò
René König
3. Kastell Mola, Naxos, Melia und Mongiuffi
René König
4. Catania
René König
5. Randazzo, Kastell Maniaci
René König
6. Syrakus
René König
7. Höhenstädte des Inneren
René König
8. Palermo

FASN, Maria M. Picken MD, PhD, - Amyloid and Related Disorders, ebook

Amyloid and Related Disorders

FASN, Maria M. Picken MD, PhD,


Amyloid Diseases at the Molecular Level: General Overview and Focus on AL Amyloidosis
Mario Nuvolone, Giovanni Palladini, Giampaolo Merlini
3. AA Amyloidosis
Amanda K. Ombrello, Ivona Aksentijevich
4. The Hereditary Amyloidoses
Merrill D. Benson