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Chesterton, Gilbert K. - Il giardino segreto, ebook

Il giardino segreto

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


Il giardino segreto (The Secret Garden) di Gilbert Keith Chesterton, traduzione a cura di Marilisa Pollastro. Il giardino segreto di Gilbert Keith Chesterton è un meraviglioso

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Flying Star, ebook

The Flying Star

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s The flying stars opens announcing a theft which took place during a Christmas party in Colonel Adams’ house. There were: Sir Leopold and his daughter Ruby, who was in love with the socialist James Crook, the big and noisy

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Invisible Man, ebook

The Invisible Man

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


In Chesterton’s The Invisible Man a murder enters and leaves his house, even though he is under constant observation. One day John Turnbull Angus goes to the bakery where Laura works. He has a crush on her and he absolutely wants to marry her, so he tries to impress her, but she tells

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Secret Garden, ebook

The Secret Garden

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


K. Chesterton is an excellent Classic Mystery. Aristide Valentin, the Chief of Paris Police, was having a party at his house in the garden. His guests arrived before he was able to. All of the guests were outside in the garden.

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Strange Crime of John Boulnois, ebook

The Strange Crime of John Boulnois

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


The strange crime of John Boulnois by Gilbert Keith Chesterton tells of an American journalist who witnesses the death of Claude Champion, pierced by a sword, who died while performing Romeo and Juliet. The man, before dying, pronounces the name of Boulnois,