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Melican, Brian - Germany, ebook


Melican, Brian


German military figures had a certain terrifying glamour,' wrote Patrick Leigh Fermor, recalling views about Germany during the First World War. When, he asked, had the bristling general replaced the 'philosophers and composers and bandsmen and peasants and students drinking and singing

Grant, Oliver - Migration and Inequality in Germany 1870-1913, ebook

Migration and Inequality in Germany 1870-1913

Grant, Oliver


Migration and Inequality in Germany 1870-1913 is a rigorous analysis of migration in Germany within the demographic and socio-economic contexts of the period studied. Focusing particularly on the rural labour market and the factors affecting it, it also... Copying

Porter, Darwin - Frommer's Germany 2011, ebook

Frommer's Germany 2011

Porter, Darwin


Completely updated every year (unlike most of the competition), Frommer's Germany features gorgeous color photos of the dazzling baroque architecture, picturesque villages, and beer gardens that await you. Come along with us and discover some of Europe's most spectacular scenery, from the

Christiani, Kerry - Lonely Planet Germany, ebook

Lonely Planet Germany

Christiani, Kerry


Lonely Planet: The world's number one travel guide publisher*
Lonely Planet's Germany is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore the glamour and grit of Berlin, tour hilltop castles in the fairy tale

Petropoulos, Jonathan - The Faustian Bargain : The Art World in Nazi Germany, ebook

The Faustian Bargain : The Art World in Nazi Germany

Petropoulos, Jonathan


But such books leave us wondering: What made thoughtful, educated, artistic men and women decide to put their talents in the service of a brutal and inhuman regime? This question is the starting point for The Faustian Bargain, Jonathan Petropoulos's study of the key figures in the art world of Nazi

Müller, Frank Lorenz - Royal Heirs in Imperial Germany, ebook

Royal Heirs in Imperial Germany

Müller, Frank Lorenz


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Frank Lorenz Müller
2. Symptoms of the “Unnaturalness of an Institution”?
Frank Lorenz Müller
3. “The Love of the People … Needs to be Acquired”
Frank Lorenz Müller
4. “I and…

Semmens, Kristin - Seeing Hitler’s Germany, ebook

Seeing Hitler’s Germany

Semmens, Kristin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kristin Semmens
2. The Gleichschaltung of Commercial Tourism
Kristin Semmens
3. Nazi Tourist Culture
Kristin Semmens
4. The Absent Swastika: ‘Normal’ Tourist Culture
Kristin Semmens