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Foster, Wendy - Intermediate German For Dummies, ebook

Intermediate German For Dummies

Foster, Wendy


Need to brush up on your German? Intermediate German For Dummies is your key to success in becoming confident in both written and spoken German. It gives you the straight talk and nitty-gritty detail that will see you successfully through any major or

Christensen, Paulina - German For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

German For Dummies®

Christensen, Paulina


The fun and easy way to learn the fascinating language of German
German For Dummies uses the renowned Berlitz approach to get you up and running with the language-and having fun too! Designed for the total beginner, this guide introduces you to basic grammar and then speedily has you

Christensen, Paulina - German Phrases For Dummies, ebook

German Phrases For Dummies

Christensen, Paulina


Hundreds of useful phrases at your fingertips
Speak German - instantly!
Traveling to Germany but don't know German? Taking German at school but need to kick up your conversation skills? Don't worry! This handy little phrasebook will have

 - German All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

German All-in-One For Dummies


German All-in-One For Dummies conveniently combines titles from the German Dummies library into one handy guide that covers all of the bases of the German language. For those looking to master

Rehm, Georg - The German Language in the Digital Age, ebook

The German Language in the Digital Age

Rehm, Georg


The German Language in the European Information Society
Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit
9. Language Technology Support for Hungarian
Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit
10. About Meta-Net
Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit

Foster, Wendy - German Essentials For Dummies, ebook

German Essentials For Dummies

Foster, Wendy


The core concepts you need to write and speak German
Learning a new language is a fun and challenging feat for students at every level. Perfect for those just starting out or returning to German after some time away, German

Swick, Edward - Webster's New World 575+ German Verbs, ebook

Webster's New World 575+ German Verbs

Swick, Edward


Now mastering German verbs is easier than ever. Whether you need to speak German more fluently for business, want to brush up for a trip, or want to make the grade in high school or college, Webster's New World 575+ German

Sobaca - Jump Into German, ebook

Jump Into German



This German language course is designed to be FUN AND EASY to follow. In this eBook we have covered all of the most likely situations you may face and have prepared you with the KEY WORDS AND PHRASES most commonly used. In this

Minden, Michael - Modern German Literature, ebook

Modern German Literature

Minden, Michael

From 30,15€

This accessible and fresh account of German writing since 1750 is a case study of literature as a cultural and spiritual resource in modern societies.

Beginning with the emergence of German language