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Padgett, Stephen - Developments in German Politics 3, ebook

Developments in German Politics 3

Padgett, Stephen


Developments in German Politics 3 provides authoritative coverage and wide-ranging analysis of politics and policy in the Federal Republic today - including the implications of the 2002 federal elections - and of

Hough, Dan - The Left Party in Contemporary German Politics, ebook

The Left Party in Contemporary German Politics

Hough, Dan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dan Hough, Michael Koß, Jonathan Olsen
2. Unification and the Fight for Survival
Dan Hough, Michael Koß, Jonathan Olsen
3. Policies, Programmes and Personalities: The Post-1998 PDS
Dan Hough,…

Unnerstall, Thomas - The German Energy Transition, ebook

The German Energy Transition

Unnerstall, Thomas


The German Energy Transition: What Is Driving It?
2. Three Targets of the Energy Transition: Description
Thomas Unnerstall
3. Three Targets of the Energy Transition: Analysis
Thomas Unnerstall
4. Four Motives of the Energy Transition: Description

German, Laura A. - Beyond the Biophysical, ebook

Beyond the Biophysical

German, Laura A.


Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, and “Development” Beyond the Biophysical
Laura German, Ritu Verma, Joshua J. Ramisch
2. Beyond the Invisible: Finding the Social Relevance of Soil Nutrient Balances in Southern Mali
Joshua J. Ramisch

Crawford, Beverly - Power and German Foreign Policy, ebook

Power and German Foreign Policy

Crawford, Beverly


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Teutonic Shift?
Beverly Crawford
2. Explaining Post-Wall Change in German Foreign Policy
Beverly Crawford
3. Diplomacy and Military Policy in the Balkans: From Recalcitrant Partner to Cooperative Leader
Beverly Crawford
4. Foreign Economic Policy in Europe: From

Silberman, Marc - The German Wall, ebook

The German Wall

Silberman, Marc


Interim Use at a Former Death Strip? Art, Politics, and Urbanism at Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum
Karen E. Till
7. Jugendweihe: Revitalizing a Socialist Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Unified Berlin
Barbara Wolbert
Part III. Re-Settling Berlin’s Others

Diefendorf, Jeffry M. - Transnationalism and the German City, ebook

Transnationalism and the German City

Diefendorf, Jeffry M.


Enlightenment in the European City: Rethinking German Urbanism and the Public Sphere
Daniel Purdy
3. Posen or Poznań, Rathaus or Ratusz: Nationalizing the Cityscape in the German-Polish Borderland
Elizabeth A. Drummond