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Ryall, J.T.W. - A Copernican Critique of Kantian Idealism, ebook

A Copernican Critique of Kantian Idealism

Ryall, J.T.W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. T. W. Ryall
2. Reversing Perspectives
J. T. W. Ryall
3. Experience and the Human Object
J. T. W. Ryall
4. Experience and Physical Reality
J. T. W. Ryall
5. Kant’s ‘Applied Metaphysics’

Carew, Joseph - Rethinking German Idealism, ebook

Rethinking German Idealism

Carew, Joseph


The Meaning of Transcendental Idealism in the Work of F.W.J. Schelling
Alexander Schnell
4. ‘Animals, Those Incessant Somnambulists’: A Critique of Schelling’s Anthropocentrism
Devin Zane Shaw
5. The Non-existence of the Absolute: Schelling’s

Cruysberghs, Paul - Philosophy and Religion in German Idealism, ebook

Philosophy and Religion in German Idealism

Cruysberghs, Paul


Table of contents
1. Philosophy of Religion After the Death of God
Walter Jaeschke
2. Kant on Religion in the Role of Moral Schematism
Martin Moors
3. “Wishful Thinking” Concerning Fichte’s Interpretation of the Postulates of…

Shapshay, Sandra - The Palgrave Schopenhauer Handbook, ebook

The Palgrave Schopenhauer Handbook

Shapshay, Sandra


A Dream Within a Dream: Idealism and Pessimism in Schopenhauer’s Philosophy
Douglas McDermid
7. Schopenhauer’s Two Metaphysics: Transcendental and Transcendent
Alistair Welchman
8. Metaphysics and the Sciences in Schopenhauer
Marco Segala

Schulting, Dennis - Kantian Nonconceptualism, ebook

Kantian Nonconceptualism

Schulting, Dennis


Table of contents
1. Conceptualism and Nonconceptualism in Kant: A Survey of the Recent Debate
Lucy Allais
2. Why the Transcendental Deduction is Compatible with Nonconceptualism
Sacha Golob
3. On the Relation of Intuition to Cognition

Fisher, Harwood - Schema Re-schematized, ebook

Schema Re-schematized

Fisher, Harwood


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Following the Kantian Dilemmas and Grand Conception
Harwood Fisher
2. Historical Crosscurrents and Conceptual Syntheses
Harwood Fisher
3. Concluding Issues and Implications
Harwood Fisher

Faggion, Andrea - Kant and Social Policies, ebook

Kant and Social Policies

Faggion, Andrea


Table of contents
1. Kant on Citizenship, Society, and Redistributive Justice
Susan Meld Shell
2. The State Looks Down: Some Reassessments of Kant’s Appraisal of Citizenship
Alessandro Pinzani, Nuria Sánchez Madrid
3. Kant For and…