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Sansò, Fernando - A Window on the Future of Geodesy, ebook

A Window on the Future of Geodesy

Sansò, Fernando


Table of contents
Symposium G01. Positioning
1. ITRF Combination — Status and Recommendations for the Future
D. Angermann, H. Drewes, M. Gerstl, R. Kelm, M. Krügel, B. Meisel
2. Time Evolution of the Terrestrial Reference Frame

Xu, Guochang - Sciences of Geodesy - I, ebook

Sciences of Geodesy - I

Xu, Guochang


Table of contents
1. Absolute and Relative Gravimetry
Ludger Timmen
2. Adaptively Robust Kalman Filters with Applications in Navigation
Yuanxi Yang
3. Airborne Gravity Field Determination
Rene Forsberg, Arne V. Olesen
4. Analytic…

Kirsch, Reinhard - Groundwater Geophysics, ebook

Groundwater Geophysics

Kirsch, Reinhard


Table of contents
1. Petrophysical properties of permeable and lowpermeable rocks
Reinhard Kirsch
2. Seismic methods
Wolfgang Rabbel
3. Geoelectrical methods
Reinhard Kirsch, Ugur Yaramanci
4. Complex conductivity measurements