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Ballantyne, Colin K. - Periglacial Geomorphology, ebook

Periglacial Geomorphology

Ballantyne, Colin K.


A fascinating and informative exploration of periglacial processes, past and present, and their role in landscape evolution
Periglacial Geomorphology presents a comprehensive introduction to the processes that operate in present periglacial environments and discusses the inferences

Lin, Jiun-Chuan - Geomorphology and Society, ebook

Geomorphology and Society

Lin, Jiun-Chuan


Society and Geomorphology: Addressing the (Mis-)Use of Aggregate Resources
Dietrich Soyez
4. Geomorphological Responses in a Dynamic Environment: How Landforms Interact with Human Activities in Taiwan
Jiun-Chuan Lin
5. The Impact of Typhoon Morakot

Krastel, Sebastian - Submarine Geomorphology, ebook

Submarine Geomorphology

Krastel, Sebastian


Applied Geomorphology and Geohazard Assessment for Deepwater Development
Roger Moore, Geoff Davis, Oliver Dabson
24. Seabed Mining
Anne Peukert, Sven Petersen, Jens Greinert, François Charlot
25. Fishing Activities
Ferdinand K. J. Oberle, Pere

Burbank, Douglas W. - Tectonic Geomorphology, ebook

Tectonic Geomorphology

Burbank, Douglas W.


Tectonic geomorphology is the study of the interplay between tectonic and surface processes that shape the landscape in regions of active deformation and at time scales ranging from days to millions of years.  Over the past decade, recent advances in the quantification of both rates

Bull, William B. - Tectonically Active Landscapes, ebook

Tectonically Active Landscapes

Bull, William B.


This book emphasizes tectonic geomorphology of hills, and treats the network of stream channels as the connecting link between upstream and downstream parts of a fluvial system.

Venditti, Jeremy G. - Coherent Flow Structures at Earth's Surface, ebook

Coherent Flow Structures at Earth's Surface

Venditti, Jeremy G.


An expert review of recent progress in the study of turbulent flows with a focus on recently identified organized structures. 
This book reviews the recent progress in the study of the turbulent flows that sculpt the Earth’s surface, focusing in…

Dykes, Alan P. - Monitoring and Modelling Dynamic Environments, ebook

Monitoring and Modelling Dynamic Environments

Dykes, Alan P.


The Times (Obituaries, 4 August 2008) reported that “John Thornes was one of the most eminent and influential physical geographers of his generation.” John’s keen interest in understanding landform processes and evolution was furthered…

Elverfeldt, Kirsten von - System Theory in Geomorphology, ebook

System Theory in Geomorphology

Elverfeldt, Kirsten von


Table of contents
1. (System-)Theoretical Thinking: A Challenge to Geomorphology?
Kirsten Elverfeldt
2. Observation and Distinction: The Underlying Method
Kirsten Elverfeldt
3. First Problem Area: Coherence of Basic Assumptions and Concepts
Kirsten Elverfeldt
4. Second Problem Area: Openness and Determinacy