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Crisonino, Ginny - Geometry: A Self-Teaching Guide, ebook

Geometry: A Self-Teaching Guide

Crisonino, Ginny


Learn geometry at your own pace
What are congruent circles? How do you find the hypotenuse of a triangle? What is the sum of the angles in a decagon? How can you apply geometric equations to your daily life? With the unbeatable study companion Geometry:

Kohn, Edward - CliffsQuickReview Geometry, ebook

CliffsQuickReview Geometry

Kohn, Edward


From planes, points, and postulates to squares, spheres, and slopes — and everything in between — CliffsQuickReview Geometry can help you make sense of it all. This guide introduces each topic, defines key terms, and walks you through

Buekenhout, Francis - Diagram Geometry, ebook

Diagram Geometry

Buekenhout, Francis


Table of contents
1. Geometries
Francis Buekenhout, Arjeh M. Cohen
2. Diagrams
Francis Buekenhout, Arjeh M. Cohen
3. Chamber Systems
Francis Buekenhout, Arjeh M. Cohen
4. Thin Geometries
Francis Buekenhout, Arjeh M. Cohen

Stoker, J. J. - Differential Geometry, ebook

Differential Geometry

Stoker, J. J.


This classic work is now available in an unabridged paperback edition. Stoker makes this fertile branch of mathematics accessible to the nonspecialist by the use of three different notations: vector algebra and calculus, tensor calculus, and the notation…

Bennett, M. K. - Affine and Projective Geometry, ebook

Affine and Projective Geometry

Bennett, M. K.


An important new perspective on AFFINE AND PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY
This innovative book treats math majors and math education students to a fresh look at affine and projective geometry from algebraic, synthetic, and lattice theoretic points of view.
Affine and Projective Geometry

Tschinkel, Yuri - Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry, ebook

Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry

Tschinkel, Yuri


Noncommutative Geometry and Path Integrals
Mikhail Kapranov
4. Another Look at the Dwork Family
Nicholas M. Katz
5. Graphs, Strings, and Actions
Ralph M. Kaufmann
6. Quotients of Calabi–Yau Varieties
János Kollár, Michael Larsen

Griffiths, Phillip - Principles of Algebraic Geometry, ebook

Principles of Algebraic Geometry

Griffiths, Phillip

From 154,75€

A comprehensive, self-contained treatment presenting general results of the theory. Establishes a geometric intuition and a working facility with specific geometric practices. Emphasizes applications through the study of interesting examples and the development…

Bruyn, Bart De - An Introduction to Incidence Geometry, ebook

An Introduction to Incidence Geometry

Bruyn, Bart De


Table of contents
1. Introductory notions
Bart De Bruyn
2. Some classes of point-line geometries
Bart De Bruyn
3. Strongly regular and distance-regular graphs
Bart De Bruyn
4. Projective spaces
Bart De Bruyn
5. Generalized…

Barnes, John - Gems of Geometry, ebook

Gems of Geometry

Barnes, John


Table of contents
1. The Golden Number
John Barnes
2. Shapes and Solids
John Barnes
3. The Fourth Dimension
John Barnes
4. Projective Geometry
John Barnes
5. Topology
John Barnes
6. Bubbles
John Barnes

Cheng, Xinyue - Finsler Geometry, ebook

Finsler Geometry

Cheng, Xinyue


Projective Geometry of Randers Spaces
Xinyue Cheng, Zhongmin Shen
6. Randers Metrics with Special Riemann Curvature Properties
Xinyue Cheng, Zhongmin Shen
7. Randers Metrics of Weakly Isotropic Flag Curvature
Xinyue Cheng, Zhongmin Shen
8. Projectively