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Diao, Xianmin - Genetics and Genomics of Setaria, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Setaria

Diao, Xianmin


Population Genetics and Genome-Wide Association Mapping of Chinese Populations of Foxtail Millet and Green Foxtail
Guanqing Jia
3. Genetic Diversity and Geographic Distribution of North American Setaria viridis Populations
Pu Huang, Maximillian Feldman

Silvertown, Jonathan - Introduction to Plant Population Biology, ebook

Introduction to Plant Population Biology

Silvertown, Jonathan


This completely revised, fourth edition of Introduction to Plant Population Biology continues the approach taken by its highly successful predecessors. Ecological and genetic principles are introduced and theory is made accessible by clear, accurate exposition with plentiful examples. Models

Jones, Sacha C. - Africa from MIS 6-2, ebook

Africa from MIS 6-2

Jones, Sacha C.


Mid to Late Quaternary Landscape and Environmental Dynamics in the Middle Stone Age of Southern South Africa
Andrew S. Carr, Brian M. Chase, Alex Mackay
3. Technological Change and the Importance of Variability: The Western Cape of South Africa from MIS 6-2

Amoroso, Mariano M. - Dendroecology, ebook


Amoroso, Mariano M.


Complex Historical Disturbance Regimes Shape Forest Dynamics Across a Seasonal Tropical Landscape in Western Thailand
Patrick J. Baker, Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin
5. Low-Hanging DendroDynamic Fruits Regarding Disturbance in Temperate, Mesic Forests
Neil Pederson,