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Azarian, G. Reza - The General Sociology of Harrison C. White, ebook

The General Sociology of Harrison C. White

Azarian, G. Reza


Table of contents
1. Introduction
G. Reza Azarian
2. Return to Empirical Social Reality
G. Reza Azarian
3. Ties and Networks
G. Reza Azarian
4. Control and Identity
G. Reza Azarian
5. Structures and Disciplines
G. Reza Azarian
6. A General Assessment
G. Reza Azarian

Fleck, Christian - Sociology in Austria, ebook

Sociology in Austria

Fleck, Christian


Table of contents
1. Sociology in Austria: Introduction
Christian Fleck
2. A Remarkable Past
Christian Fleck
3. A Decade of Backwardness
Christian Fleck
4. A Missed Opportunity
Christian Fleck
5. Years of Reforms
Christian Fleck
6. The Eye of the Needle in Recruiting

Löw, Martina - The Sociology of Space, ebook

The Sociology of Space

Löw, Martina


Why Should Sociology Concern Itself with Space?
Martina Löw
2. Notions of Space in Context
Martina Löw
3. Changes in Spatial Phenomena
Martina Löw
4. Toward a Sociological Concept of Space
Martina Löw
5. The Constitution of Space

Ritzer, George - The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology, ebook

The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology

Ritzer, George


This concise encyclopedia is the most complete international survey of sociology ever created in one volume.Contains over 800 entries from the whole breadth of the disciplineDistilled from the highly regarded Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, with

Selwyn, Neil - What is Digital Sociology?, ebook

What is Digital Sociology?

Selwyn, Neil


Blending theory and empirical examples, the five chapters highlight areas of inquiry where digital approaches are taking hold and shaping the discipline of sociology today. The book explores key topics such as digital race and digital labor, as well as the fast-changing

Orton-Johnson, Kate - Digital Sociology, ebook

Digital Sociology

Orton-Johnson, Kate


Afterword: Digital Spaces, Sociology and Surveillance
David Lyon
Part III. Structures
8. Inequalities in the Network Society
Jan A. G. M. Dijk
9. Trillions Out of Ones and Zeros: The Sociology of Finance Encounters

Porter, Jeremy R. - Geographical Sociology, ebook

Geographical Sociology

Porter, Jeremy R.


Roots of Space in Sociology: Community Sociology at the Wisconsin and Chicago Schools
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
4. Human Ecology and Its Link to Geographical Sociology
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
5. Contemporary Movements in Theories of

Beer, David - Punk Sociology, ebook

Punk Sociology

Beer, David


Introduction: Sociology, Uncertainty, and the Possibility of an Imagined Future
David Beer
2. The Punk Ethos
David Beer
Part II. Towards a Punk Sociology
3. From a Punk Ethos to a Punk Sociology
David Beer
4. Relativistic, Open, and Eclectic: