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Gloe, Karsten - Macrocyclic Chemistry, ebook

Macrocyclic Chemistry

Gloe, Karsten


Contributions of the International Symposium on Macrocyclic Chemistry to the Development of Macrocyclic Chemistry
Reed M. Izatt, Krystyna Pawlak, Jerald S. Bradshaw
2. From Functionalised Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Knots to Higher Intertwined Assemblies

Buncel, Erwin - Solvent Effects in Chemistry, ebook

Solvent Effects in Chemistry

Buncel, Erwin


), to statistical methods (chemometrics), and to modern day concerns such as "green" chemistry, where utilization and disposal of chemical waste or by-products in an environmentally safe way is as important as achieving the desired end products by all chemists nowadays. 

Dragutan, Valerian - Metathesis Chemistry, ebook

Metathesis Chemistry

Dragutan, Valerian


Table of contents
PART I. Design Of New Generations Of Metathesis Catalysts
1. New Ruthenium Catalysts for Alkene Metathesis
Cédric Fischmeister, Pierre H. Dixneuf
2. Synthesis and Activity in Ring-Closing Metathesis of Phosphine and NHC-Containing…

Danzer, K. - Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Analytical Chemistry

Danzer, K.


Table of contents
1. Object of Analytical Chemistry
2. The Analytical Process
3. Signals in Analytical Chemistry
4. Statistical Evaluation of Analytical Results
5. Studying Influences and Optimizing Analytical Procedures
6. Calibration…

Bhowon, Minu Gupta - Chemistry for Sustainable Development, ebook

Chemistry for Sustainable Development

Bhowon, Minu Gupta


Table of contents
1. Investigation of Dissolved Nutrients in Tropical Coastal Waters in Mauritius
Zaynab B. Bissembur, Janita Balgobin, Archana Anjore, Roshan T. Ramessur, Kishore Boodhoo
2. The Influence of the Cage Effect on the Mechanism…