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Joseph, Anthony - Highlights in Lie Algebraic Methods, ebook

Highlights in Lie Algebraic Methods

Joseph, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Spherical Varieties
Michel Brion
2. Consequences of the Littelmann Path Theory for the Structure of the Kashiwara B(∞) Crystal
Anthony Joseph
3. Structure and Representation Theory of Kac–Moody Superalgebras

Conte, Giuseppe - Algebraic Methods for Nonlinear Control Systems, ebook

Algebraic Methods for Nonlinear Control Systems

Conte, Giuseppe


Table of contents
Part I. Methodology
1. Preliminaries
2. Modeling
3. Accessibility
4. Observability
5. Systems Structure and Inversion
6. System Transformations
Part II. Applications to Control Problems
7. Input-output Linearization
8. Noninteracting Control
9. Input-state Linearization

Sullivant, Seth - Emerging Applications of Algebraic Geometry, ebook

Emerging Applications of Algebraic Geometry

Sullivant, Seth


On the algebraic geometry of polynomial dynamical systems
Abdul S Jarrah, Reinhard Laubenbacher
3. A unified approach to computing real and comlex zeros of zero-dimensional ideals
Jean Bernard Lasserre, Monique Laurent, Philipp Rostalski
4. Sums of

Emiris, Ioannis Z. - Nonlinear Computational Geometry, ebook

Nonlinear Computational Geometry

Emiris, Ioannis Z.


A List of Challenges for Real Algebraic Plane Curve Visualization Software
Oliver Labs
7. A Subdivision Method for Arrangement Computation of Semi-Algebraic Curves
Bernard Mourrain, Julien Wintz
8. Invariant-Based Characterization of the Relative Position

Shimura, Goro - Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms, ebook

Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms

Shimura, Goro


Table of contents
1. The Quadratic Reciprocity Law
Goro Shimura
2. Arithmetic in an Algebraic Number Field
Goro Shimura
3. Various Basic Theorems
Goro Shimura
4. Algebras Over a Field
Goro Shimura
5. Quadratic Forms
Goro Shimura
6. Deeper Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms
Goro Shimura