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Bovolenta, Paola - Organogenetic Gene Networks, ebook

Organogenetic Gene Networks

Bovolenta, Paola


Models for Studying Organogenetic Gene Networks in the 21st Century
James Castelli-Gair Hombría, Paola Bovolenta
2. Organogenesis of the C. elegans Vulva and Control of Cell Fusion
Nathan Weinstein, Benjamin Podbilewicz
3. Advances in Understanding

Deutsch, Jean S. - Hox Genes, ebook

Hox Genes

Deutsch, Jean S.


Maintenance of Hox Gene Expression Patterns
Samantha Beck, Floria Faradji, Hugh Brock, Frédérique Peronnet
4. Control of Vertebrate Hox Clusters by Remote and Global Cis-Acting Regulatory Sequences
François Spitz
Section II. Evolution of Hox Genes

Liebermann, Dan A. - Gadd45 Stress Sensor Genes, ebook

Gadd45 Stress Sensor Genes

Liebermann, Dan A.


Table of contents
1. Gadd45 in Stress Signaling, Cell Cycle Control, and Apoptosis
Jesús M. Salvador, Joshua D. Brown-Clay, Albert J. Fornace
2. Gadd45 in Modulation of Solid Tumors and Leukemia
Barbara Hoffman, Dan A. Liebermann

Ostadal, Bohuslav - Genes and Cardiovascular Function, ebook

Genes and Cardiovascular Function

Ostadal, Bohuslav


CLP-1-Mediated Transcriptional Control of Hypertrophic Gene Programs Underlying Cardiac Hypertrophy
M. A. Q. Siddiqui, Michael Wagner, Jorge Espinoza-Derout, Facan Huang, Daniel Beckles, Eduardo Mascareno
20. Molecular Mechanisms of Subcellular Remodeling in

Colmer, Timothy D. - Root Physiology: from Gene to Function, ebook

Root Physiology: from Gene to Function

Colmer, Timothy D.


Table of contents
1. Root nitrogen acquisition and assimilation
A.J. Miller, M.D. Cramer
2. Phosphate acquisition
K. G. Raghothama, A. S. Karthikeyan
3. Root-based N2-fixing symbioses: Legumes, actinorhizal plants, Parasponia sp. and cycads
J. Kevin Vessey, Katharina Pawlowski, Birgitta Bergman

Gasser, Susan M. - Epigenetics and Disease, ebook

Epigenetics and Disease

Gasser, Susan M.


Table of contents
1. DNA Methylation and Cancer
Phillippa C. Taberlay, Peter A. Jones
2. Genome-Wide Epigenetic Modifications in Cancer
Yoon Jung Park, Rainer Claus, Dieter Weichenhan, Christoph Plass
3. DNA Repair and the Control of…

Dittmar, Katharina - Evolution after Gene Duplication, ebook

Evolution after Gene Duplication

Dittmar, Katharina


Gene duplication has long been believed to have played a major role in the rise of biological novelty through evolution of new function and gene expression patterns. The first book to examine gene